Flash games are a source of big fun for people of all ages. Since online games don't require expensive software they are particularly attractive in today's down-trending economy. Free computer flash games are easy to find on a wide range of interests from fishing to fashion or fighting.

Marketers realize how crazy-busy most people are these days and have designed games to fit various time slots. People with limited time can enjoy taking a few moments respite during lunch or coffee breaks. Moms can take a short pause between work and household chores to play online games with their kids.

Alternatively, people with time on their hands, such as those recuperating from illness or injury and retired seniors, are getting competitive. There are various online communities of serious flash gamers who engage in multi-player games such as billiards or bowling.

All age groups looking for entertainment and excitement are finding their interests with a click of the mouse. For example, guys who enjoy shooting pool will find online flash games of both the eight and nine ball varieties. Women typically play games related to shopping, cooking or beauty. Moms who stay at home typically join crafting or other groups. Teen and tween girls spend hours styling hair, learning make-up skills, dressing up Barbie or learning to cook. Boys are more taken with fighting and action games. Board game like checkers or chess and puzzle flash games help keep seniors brain's sharp and active.

Learning in a fun and creative environment has become popular among pre-kindergarten kids. Younger children will improve their concentration skills and hand-eye coordination, plus have fun naming colors, shapes and numbers. Popular pet games foster kids taking responsibility for the feeding and care of their virtual pets.

Online flash games are also targeted toward toddlers. These marvelous teaching tools can help your toddler master recognition and names of different colors and objects and improve their vocabulary. There are games that expose your child to a foreign language. Little kids love colorful flash-animated story books. Medical experts highly recommend that children under two years of age engage in interactive forms of play that support brain development.

But flash games aren't exclusively geared toward action and entertainment. Research has shown that online games benefit kids with attention deficit disorder (ADD). They can practice social skills, in addition to gaining proficiency in math and language.

Teachers who take advantage of online games are finding their students have greater motivation to learn and their problem solving skills are heightened.

Webmasters are getting high on online flash games! The industry has found that consumers no longer just want to see marketing messages; they also want to hear them and take an interactive role. By incorporating short flash games in advertisements, the people get what they want and if you encourage them to need your product, they will stay on your web page long enough to buy it!

Flash games have indeed come a long way since simple games like Pac-Man were launched in the '80's. Modern online games have amazing graphics and engaging plot lines, as many game developers use their imagination and intuition to create types of games they would enjoy, rather than being totally profit-driven.

Bottom Line: Computer flash games attract people of all ages, as they are fun, free and mentally stimulating.

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The Author, Charles Mutrie enjoys flash games and the development and education of our children through child friendly websites. The Benefit of free games online can be educational and healthy for all ages.