Even though revenue was relatively down with most of the companies lately, still transaction volumes and communication requirements continued to grow, making it tremendously imperative to focus on network technologies. Owing to the tremendous demand in network technologies, career prospects are looking up for network professionals, the minute glitch here is that, these days, every organization is looking for skilled and trained people. In such a scenario, CompTIA CTP+ training and certification is hugely accredited.

CompTIA CTP+ certification: The benefits

Social interaction and greater collaboration is significant these days, for the future of IT and enhanced competitive advantage and that is why, the importance of the network continues to grow. The industry experts agree that the career opportunities are immensely high, if one has the right networking skills. CompTIA CTP+ training and certification is highly preferred in the job, because of the several benefits it has.

First and the foremost benefit is that CTP+ certification is vendor neutral. Secondly, the demands are high for networking, voice and data communication technologies. Also, companies these days, have their unique needs, they need individuals who not only have base level network administration skills but also knowledge of convergence technologies. Moreover, when companies compete for new projects, the professionals with CompTIA CTP+ certification are recognized and hence, organization themselves, promotes, encourages and supports its employees to get certified or hire trained and certified professionals. Certifications enhance the company's image when they are contending for new contracts. Some companies also use CompTIA CTP+ certification, as a criterion for new hires, especially, those who host a next generation data center or a call center. Hence, CompTIA CTP+ certification is considered immensely beneficial in this sphere.

Area of Expertise after CompTIA CTP+ certification

A professional who has achieved a CompTIA CTP+ certification, has a sound knowledge of voice, video and data (data networking, telephony networking, and convergence networking). CompTIA CTP+ training and certification demonstrates the essential knowledge and skills of a professional, in convergence industry standards and protocols, signaling, infrastructure, topology convergence, basic telephony, and Voice over IP (VoIP). The candidates who pursue this course would learn, not only the basics of LANs and WANs, key networking protocols, internet addressing but also, get in-depth knowledge about, networking models and topologies, network operating systems, wireless network technologies, TCP/IP troubleshooting, QoS technologies used in converged networks and also, analog and digital signaling.

Target audience for CompTIA CTP+ trainings course and certification

The candidates those who are generally interested in pursuing the trainings and certification are Networking administrators, Systems engineers, Data communications technicians, Sales and marketing professionals and Telephony professionals

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To achieve this recognized CompTIA CTP+ certification, one is required to clear the exam, known as, CTP TT0-201. After achieving the highly recognized CTP certification, the candidates become distinguished in the IT industry and have great career opportunities opened.