In recent years, mental health has been of significant concern. A considerable percentage of people suffer from mental-related conditions worldwide. If you have any mental condition in California, visit Genesis New Beginning, a Huntington Beach mental health services center.

The facility offers a comprehensive approach to mental healthcare services using a multidisciplinary approach. The providers at the center are welcoming to all patients across Huntington and the broader California area. Schedule an appointment to learn more about the center.

The Providers

The team of providers are highly educated and have vast knowledge in their practice. The providers include Family Nurse Practitioner- Salma Nawabi, Addiction Specialist- Mary Walton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- Marriah Littleton. Psychologist- Matthew Gibbons, Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Alejandra Luna, Behavioral Health Specialist- Courtney Scott, and Christina Gomes as the founder.

Regardless of the service you are seeking, the facility assigns about five professionals for your treatment. The facility uses his medical approach to ensure they address all the levels of care the patient needs. All these providers are not mandatory but are always there if a patient needs them.

The Services

Genesis New Beginning is a comprehensive care unit that focuses on Psychiatric Care. The providers offer an abuse program that is only available to a maximum of 25 individuals to ensure they effectively handle each patient. The environment of this facility is welcoming, and patients will feel at home. Besides, the providers care about their patients. Other services provided include veteran services, outpatient detox, LGBTQ services, psychiatric services, and eating disorder therapies. If you wish to find out more about the facility's practice, schedule a consultation.


Genesis New Beginning emphasizes patient education through their blog posts. These articles highlight more about their practice, which is beneficial to patients. Reach out to their website and check out some of these blog articles.

Testimonials & Reviews

Genesis New Beginning appreciates and values feedback from their patients. To date, the facility boasts a 5 out of 5-star rating on one collected review. You can also reach out to the facility’s webpage to check out some of the testimonials from other patients.

How to Contact the Center

Patients can get in touch with the facility either through mobile or using the online scheduling tool to schedule an appointment. Also, you can visit their offices using the help of map directions provided on the website. Note that the facility is open starting from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

Nonetheless, the practitioners are available during the evenings and weekends in case of busy schedules. Although such appointments are not available on the online scheduling tool, a patient can reach out to the facility via mobile for one. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about this facility, fill out the short form on their webpage to reach out to your selected provider.

To sum up, Genesis New Beginning is a qualified mental healthcare facility. The providers use the multidisciplinary approach to ensure that every patient receives comprehensive care. The vision of the center is to improve not only the psychological but also the social and physical characteristics of a person. Schedule an appointment with the facility today, either using the online booking tool or mobile.

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