Reflective essays reflect your past life, to make it easier to understand; reflective essays are written for the purpose of analyzing ones past life that helps in understanding the purpose of one’s life. The name of the reflection essay quite suited the theme of the essay; this type of essay writing is very easy to deal with because you don’t have to conduct day and night research work on one topic because it deals with yourself.

There are many reflective essays examples topics on which students can write their reflective essays like; Essay on my school life or the precious moment of my life or a surprise birthday so there are many reflective essay examples on which you can write your essay. One thing good about the reflective essays is that you can write on anything from everything, there is no standard or level for the reflective essay topics but the thing which student should be careful about is the proper structuring and planning so that they can get some good grades in their essay exams.

It has been observed that students get confused between reflective essays and informative essay writing, however there is a big difference between the both. Informative essays are more based on the authentic facts while reflective essay is based on life experiences. Therefore, it advisable that you first go through reflective essay sample so that you know what to write in it and how?

Following is a brief guideline on reflective essay writing so that students don’t face much problem during the writing process.

First step:


The first step in reflective essay writing is the introduction which should be made as interesting as possible. In the beginning you should make sure there is a hook in order to hook the readers, write a short amusing story which should be followed be a thesis statement.

Second step:

Body paragraph:

Create a roadmap that will take you to the body paragraphs, by a roadmap I mean to say an outline that will help you write your reflective essay step by step. Make a list of facts that consist of your past experiences and arrange them according to the importance, then discuss them in detail in your reflective essay.

Third step


The conclusion of the essay would encapsulate all of the life experience into a single paragraph so it is crucial that you give in a lot of consideration while writing the conclusion of reflective essay. The first few lines of the conclusion would be giving a summary of the experience you shared with the readers, Conclude it by providing your point of views about what you learnt from them

Hence, the three steps will help you complete your free reflective essay in no time if you strictly follow them, final words of advice are to be creative and innovative because reflective essays provides a great platform to show your writing and analytical skill to shed to on the philosophical side of your life. Make sure you are not making any stories to impress the readers otherwise the main purpose of writing a reflective essay would be dead.

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