Compliments for girls only work when: 1) the girl is attracted to you already, 2) if the compliment is very understated and surprising, and 3) if you’re presently in a relationship with the girl

When the girl is attracted to you already
The success of a compliment is relies primarily on if the girl is or is not attracted to you. If she is not attracted to you, compliments can decrease your attractiveness. For example, if the girl you are complimenting is either extremely hot or in high demand, delivering her a compliment will automatically categorize you as predictable and unoriginal. Since they don't know how to attract an attractive girl, predictable and unoriginal guys compliment too much, too soon in in hopes of getting attention from girls who get showered with other compliments from the rest of the guys that they know.

If the girl is attracted to you, compliments might increase your attractiveness. In such a case, you can choose to compliment or not compliment at all based on whether you would like her to be more or less attracted to you. Normally, if she likes you already, and when you want her to like you more, you'll be able to slip in your compliment from time to time, but don’t overdo it otherwise the compliments will start to seem contrived and will lose their meaning. If she likes you already, but if you don't want her to like you more, do not compliment her at all. Complimenting her will only lead her on. If you lead her on, not only will you be on her bad side, but since girls talk--a lot--you'll also be on the bad side of the 20 or 30 other girls she tells about you.

If the compliment is very understated and surprising
Understated and surprising compliments for girls work if you are usually not one to give out compliments and if you've known her for some time. The point is, when you do compliment her, you ought to do it modestly and only after you have known her for some time and you know she is comfortable with you. The compliment will come as a pleasant surprise for her. On the other hand, if you compliment too soon and you don't know if she is comfortable with you, saying something such as “You are drop dead gorgeous,” will potentially decrease your value to her. This is because like most guys that don't know any better, you just gave her exactly what she wanted and exactly what she expected. After she knows that you're interested in her, the chase will cease to be fun for her. If you don't want to be like most guys that don't know any better. only compliment her when she has earned it or when it is likely to be surprising to her.

If you’re in a relationship with the girl already
If you’re in a relationship with the girl already, this is when you could and should truly compliment. This goes back to if the girl is attracted to you. If you're in a relationship with the girl already, then naturally she is attracted to you. The truth is, women love compliments. They would love for you to compliment them. But does that mean you must always do for them what they want, when they want it? Of course not. Here's why: girls (and guys) want what they cannot have. But if you have her and she has you already, it is possible to compliment when appropriate, but again, do not overdo it.

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