An economy is a bundle of many things together. Money being cynosure of every task done and to be done seems to be consummating the meaning of an Economy and what it entails. Yet picture was never so blurred. Economy news as we see it in News Channels and read in papers is Sixty percent of that image and rest forty percent was never given a heed even after remaining in front of us. Some may even say that every thing ultimately ends on the note of money but we still cannot avoid the scope to exploration. Here we are referring to Sports news and entertainment news that are (if not all but yet) a part of that forty percent.

Fundamentally people understood economy as a cycle of demand and supply. From this angle we can see that a change in rut is what brought by entertainment news. Need to provide something to ebb boredom demands ways of amusement. Favorite Sports news can provide with major refreshment. Supply plays a role here. To make it better people came up with ideas and hopes into this field transforming it into commercial. Now we know when a great sports event is round the corner, as it never escapes media. With this Sports and Entertainment essentially take up being a part of Economy.

Economy News now not only mentions the winner of World Cup Team but also what all rewards the got being the titleholder for next four years. Sports getting finding a place in Economy newspaper must cue to the change in understanding of Economy people are going through. No doubt media has played its very important role to highlight the recent discoveries. Earlier the notion might have surprised a few people but now they have got accustomed with the idea and understood it. Entertainment and Sports have found their rightful place. One can say so.

With increasing clarity now we know what is the stand and importance of Entertainment news in our life and economy for that matter. Sports news being an integral part of it comes as no surprise. Things have changed a lot in last two decades so is the mindset of people. From mere demand supply cycle to logic demanding analysis economy news has become a fun to cross path with its forty percent. How can one turn his face from grueling data and figures with rigorous calculation if it is all about comparison of present and last decade for Entertainment in Economic Times? Amusing piece of work, Isn’t it!

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