Leaders are far different from managers. Leaders lead and empower people while managers focus on tasks. While it's the manager's role to make sure that a task is done effectively and efficiently, it is a leader's fulfillment to see his followers grow and develop.

I, Ike Madu, have listed 5 characteristics that you should look for to spot a great leader.

Leaders Have a Positive Outlook In Life

Great leaders uplift people. They are often inspirational and they stay positive even in the most difficult situations. They show sincere concern to their followers and instill a positive can-do attitude in each of them.

Leaders Are Visionary

Leaders possess a different perspective. They see an opportunity in what average people see as problems. They see something that an average person cannot.

Leaders Are Role Models

Great leaders always lead themselves first. They are men and women of skills, dedication, commitment, and passion. They are confident with themselves since they know what they want and what they want to accomplish. These characteristics reverberate that people will follow them.

Leaders Dare And Encourage Followers

Great leaders don't pamper their followers. Rather, they encourage them to think independently, to be creative and think outside the box. Great leaders dare their followers to become leaders as well. They empower and support them all along.

Leaders Are Eager To Learn

True leaders find every situation as an opportunity to learn. Great leaders are open to new things. They find everyone as their potential teacher, whether that person is a company CEO or a rank-and-file clerk.

Finding a great leader is not hard. You don't actually need to find them because they usually stand out. In a workplace for instance, just check on the team's performance and you'll know if it's run by an effective leader.

Author's Bio: 

Ike Madu is an accomplished Director /manager/project coordinator with direct experience in both the recruiting and building of cohesive work teams. Over 25 years of business /financial services experience having held Senior Management and Board level appointments with a variety of Companies throughout his career, spanning Financial services, commodities, general commerce & eWallets.