This weekend, practice the big “C” (Compassion) starting with yourself! When we chill out and take it easy on ourselves we can take it easy on each other and they, in turn, will respond in kind! The New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday offers us the opportunity to untangle and taking it all so personally and the beginning of seeing life events as just the events that happen and we go on.

You might get impulsive in your thinking and speaking. The same time it is a great opportunity to break through into spiritual Nirvana. You might get in mood to send out emails, network or meet people. You may get spaced out. Try not to get into addiction.

It can be a very healing time if you do not get carried away. Breathe deeply into your belly to settle in your body or in the upper chest to lift you up. Just depends what you need.

It is a great time for writing down your dreams. Stay centred and avoid getting into the rat race. Do not suppress your feelings as now you can see deeper into your issues which you can finish or release.

Take the chances of this enlightening weekend which can bring up clearance and separation. Do not take things personally, no guilt or blaming yourself. Stop with the "I am not..." nor blame others. Get into the bigger picture and deal with your early childhood. From the time in the womb till the age of 7 is your formative time. Your subconscious mind swallowed all thoughts and feelings of your parents like a sponge.

You might feel that you did not get enough love from your parents and now you look for it in your partner. Your intense feelings of need he or she might have as well. The feelings of need harden yourself: "I do not allow that someone hurts me anymore, therefore it is better to live as a single." Then your partner doesn't feel needed nor loved.

By rejecting your natural needs you cut off your life forth. Now it is time to soften and forgive yourself. Relax, breathe and soften. Look at the bigger picture and become aware what you are and what you can become when you start softening.

Whenever you define or diagnose something/ someone you get stuck in the situation. Do not jump on conclusions that prevent you and your partner from changes. Stop blaming and start to love yourself!

This is the Mantra of this week:

When I allow the world and myself to change,
Letting go of the guilt and all the self-blame,
I un-freeze the picture and release all the pressure,
Thereby discovering the buried treasure.

Author's Bio: 

Angela Schulz-Henke is a success and business coach. She loves to see her clients thrive and live a fulfilled life.
Her mentor is John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and for marketing Chris Cardell and Michael Gerber.
She just founded a Business Coaching Company with another lady to coach small companies and people who want to set up their own business or improve their business in a rapid changing market.