The following is our betting provider comparison of the large and small online betting providers, in which each individual operator was tested intensively in order to be able to show all strengths, but also all areas for improvement check ufc odds on PlayersBest.

A total of ten criteria were examined in detail during the betting provider test. Each betting provider was primarily examined from the perspective of German-speaking users (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). First, the range of sports and available leagues was scrutinised. The resulting results were weighted both qualitatively and quantitatively. The range of live bets and the odds analysis were examined individually. The same applies to the maximum and minimum limits for placing bets. The betting providers have different types of bonus systems, for example, there is a win deposit bonus for new customers at probably the best-known provider in Germany. These are presented at the respective provider. In addition, the support and its availability, the various options for deposits and withdrawals and the techniques for secure operation of the website and transactions were examined in detail. Finally, the handling and usability of the platform and the range of additional offers or special promotions were examined. Finally, each provider had to comment on the handling of the betting tax in Germany.

What makes a good betting provider?

Gambling land in the front of the pack in our betting provider test, it is not enough to score in one or two categories. Even an effective name does not guarantee pole position! Rather, the overall impression was important to us. Of course, the combination of betting offer, odds and bonus system cannot be considered in isolation.

For example, what is the use of the best bonus if the odds are disappointing or no background information can be obtained about the range of sports on offer?

Sports betting is not a lottery! The impression of the sustainability of the offer from the provider was also important to us. This includes multilingual, competent and easy-to-reach support, but also maximum precautions for secure transactions and measures to prevent the possibility of fraud. In addition, we expect a provider to have recognised the advantages of an online betting office and to be technically adept in implementing them.

Finally, the handling of the credit balance of the betting account and of all money transactions plays an important role. We checked the average time required for deposits and withdrawals, the extent to which fees were charged (openly or hidden) and the significance of the betting tax for the provider for customers from Germany. These points also show qualitative differences between the individual operators, which can be read in detail in our test.

Which factors should be considered when choosing a betting provider?

No general answer can be given to this question, as both the intention and the willingness to take risks of the individual differ. Of course, well-known, established and listed companies are the right choice for the majority of sports enthusiasts. But here, too, it is important to differentiate, because there are big differences, especially when it comes to the odds on offer - even just for individual sports - and the bonus! Fans of only one or two sports should choose the provider according to the best odds offered for their sport. Bookmaker gurus who feel at home in every sport should pay attention to the bonus system and loyalty offers in addition to the odds. Betting enthusiasts with a greater willingness to take risks can also try out more exotic providers. Professional bettors in particular are likely to find some gems here.

Can you make money with sports betting?

Making money in sports the answer to this question may be "yes", but making money is not possible without corresponding diligence. Sports betting is not a game of chance!

Success and thus financial gain are decided by the long term. It is comparable to a football match where the underdog can win a game but the favourites decide the championship among themselves. In order to earn money with sports betting, it is important to apply the right strategy.

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