Today, one can easily find numerous lending institutes in their local area which has been established to provide financial aid to people in need. Every loan process has been designed to serve certain community of people and their structure and processing vary accordingly.
Personal loan is an unsecured loan taken by individuals from bank or non-banking financial companies in order to help them meet their personal needs. The loan is being provided to people based on their income level, credit score, employment history, repayment capacity and more.
Unlike most of the loan it is not secured against any asset and therefore the borrower doesn’t need to put any of their valuable possession as collateral. In most of the cases, people opt for personal loan in order to manage their personal financial need. It can be utilized for renovating home, marriage related expense, plan family vacation, or purchase some assets or electronic gadgets. They can be useful to the people who are looking for financial aid to invest in business, fix the car, and make down payment or more. To carry out the procedure of title loan, borrower needs to provide the lender with certain set of documents and should have a good credit score. People with bad credit score cannot qualify for the loan process.
Car title loans can be the best available option for people who have bad credit score and cannot find the right solution to deal with their problem. Title loan is a simple loan process, which uses the vehicle title of borrower as collateral to secure the amount of loan. Presence of collateral makes the loan process secured while increasing the chances of borrower to get an affordable interest rate.
The title loan is well known for its straight-forward processing and minimum of requirements. In order to qualify for title loan, the borrower is not required to have a good credit score or sound financial condition. Moreover, it requires minimum of documents for processing the loan which includes car insurance paper, original car title, copy of photo identity proof and regular income proof.
Title loan ensures the borrower to provide with instant access to cash and the complete loan process can be completed within few hours. Moreover, the lending company doesn’t physically possess the vehicle used as collateral rather they only hold the vehicle title until repayment. Hence, borrower is free to use the vehicle while making scheduled payment against the loan.
Title loan can provide the borrower with a maximum of $50,000 depending on the significance of vehicle being used. it has been stated that brand of the car, its manufacturing details, and working condition are some of the factors which influence the overall value of the vehicle. In case of title loan, the amount of the loan is determined according to the value of the loan and hence, people with good conditioned and well-maintained car get an opportunity to get a good deal.
Both of the loan processes provides financial aid to people in need, however, car title loan can be much beneficial in case of processing and structure.

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