When it comes to choosing food trucks are trailers there are a lot of options. While you can pretty much customize any of them that does take extra work, and there are some larger main differences that cannot be changed. It is these aspects of concession trailers that can help you decide between them. Here we look specifically at the differences between Gooseneck trailers and BBQ trailers. There are a lot of things that are very similar with these trailers so with a better understanding of what separates them we hope it will make your trailer buying efforts a little easier!

Comparing sizes

If you are looking for something larger, then the Gooseneck is the better choice as in general, it is larger than BBQ concession trailers. When we say larger that means it has more room inside and more storage options. The Gooseneck’s hitch allows for this. If you need a trailer more compact and you do not need lots of storage then the BBQ trailer could be the better option. It is also true that if you need a trailer to offer non-food services like blood donation or such, the Gooseneck is better because of the extra room it offers. Whereas a BBQ trailer is for food purposes.

A closer look at the hitch connection

So as mentioned part of what gives Gooseneck trailers more room is their hitch connection and this is probably the main difference between the two types of trailers. The hitch is referring to how the trailer connects to the truck to be moved around. BBQ trailers tend to have a square receiver hitch or a common ball mount. A gooseneck on the other hand uses a gooseneck hitch. So as the trailer goes over the bed of the truck, it uses a ball and socket, kingpin or other such methods to connect the two and is set above and right at the front of the towing vehicle’s rearmost axle. It needs the owner of the truck to agree to have the truck bed taken out to install the frame that holds the hitch and hole if often needed to be drilled which some truck owners do not like.

What are your customization opportunities?

Both types of trailers are possible to customize but if you want to put in a smoker that means you should go with the BBQ trailer. If your focus is on providing great BBQ food from your trailer, the BBQ trailer is the best option. But only so many can be inside working. With a Gooseneck trailer, there is more room inside so is better for catering to large numbers of people.

Which is the most mobile?

Both are mobile but Gooseneck trailers can handle turns that are sharper because of the nature of that hitch. This can have a big impact on where you can take your trailer. BBQ trailers on the other hand are harder to turn but they are lighter to pull so your truck does not need to be as powerful to handle it. If you have a lot of heavy equipment and food to pull around you need a Gooseneck and a great truck to handle it.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis