Having a broadband service at home implies you can access the preferred gateway and stay in touch across the globe irrespective of the location of the place and the time constrains. With many broadband providers in UK, compare broadband packages before you choose any one of them which perfectly suits your requirement.

Broadband packages offer you additional services such as phone and TV services along with broadband. You should choose the most suitable package for you can choose from varying level of broadband services.

When comparing broadband packages, you should bear in mind the following factors -

Broadband Speed - The download speed is the main criterion when deciding upon the broadband package for you could be downloading important data, music, videos and images and wish to do the same as soon as possible. Amongst the existing providers, BT and Sky are known to offer download speed up to 20 mbps. On the other hand, if you go for BT Infinity Broadband, you can enjoy speed up to 40 Mb. Virgin Media is known to offer varying speeds which begin from 10 MB and go up to 100 MB depending upon the package you go for.

Usage Limits - Usage limits are equally important for they determine how much you can download within a limited period. Most of broadband providers do operate within the fair usage policy and if you exceed the prescribed limit you have to pay for the extra GB used. On the overall, you can compare BT which offers usage limits in the range of 10GB - 40GB and also unlimited usage provided you go for BT Unlimited Broadband and Calls deal. On the other hand, Virgin Media offers unlimited downloads across all its packages while if you go for Sky Broadband Unlimited, there is no limit on the download but Sky broadband Everyday limits your usage up to 2GB.

Line Rental - For enjoying broadband service, you have to avail the telephone line for which you have to bear the line rental costs on a monthly basis. Line rental charges differ from one provider to another. BT Broadband line rental charges begin from ₤10 onwards and if you pay on an annual basis, you can need to pay ₤120 at one go. Virgin Media is known to charge £13.90 per month while Sky phone rentals are £12.25 a month. Hence you do need to compare the line rental charges before you subscribe to any one of them.

Broadband Packages - This could be one decisive factor for the bundles of services you are likely to enjoy go a long way in providing true value for the money you are shelling out each month. Sky Broadband Bundle is best taken with Sky TV and phone for you can enjoy its Everyday Broadband service at no extra cost. This bundle is most suitable for occasional broadband users for it has a usage limit of 2GB. On the other hand BT offers two levels of broadband services viz. through the ADSL and the other through the fibre optic network. The BT Total Broadband is known to offer broadband through ADSL and is dependent upon the distance of your location from the telephone exchange while BT Infinity is fibre optic broadband which is not dependent on the distance factor. While opting for BT Broadband you can also go for BT Phone services which are least expensive and pay affordable fees for enjoy BT Vision, its digital TV service. Lastly, Virgin Media is known to offer fastest broadband speeds with unlimited downloads through 4 levels of broadband packages which does make things sound pretty attractive.

With so many points to consider and look out for it, you need to take efforts in the right direction. Hence, before you finalize any broadband provider make sure you thoroughly compare broadband packages to check out the most suitable one.

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