The Experimental Year

Eight months into the pandemic and the world seems to have settled around it. Yes, we are still waiting for the vaccine to arrive and we are still following all the precautions that we can. However, it also seems that we have accepted the fact that the pandemic is still here but life must go on.

So, after months of inertness and anticipation, corporate, private and public offices are gradually trying to return to normalcy. However, this time the normalcy is different. While we always expect change and technological disruptions to modify the way we work, this time around, we were in for some surprise.

In the Indian context, work meant religiously going to the office. If you are not in the office, you are probably not working enough. For Indians, the pandemic came as a cultural shock when suddenly, a wish many were pleading for, came true. All those who wanted to work from home (WFH) and those who did not, were given the chance to work from home. In all, it was a great experiment that the corporate world and government had no option but to take.

The first month was mayhem, to sum up, as the company administrative heads were still trying to figure out the how’s of the new working model. The IT industry, in these terms, was better prepared than most of the sectors as WFH was already being implemented in a limited manner. The manufacturing industry was hard hit because machines ca not really be manufactured/run from home. Productivity, always a buzzword in the corporate lingo, suddenly found new meaning and formulae with flexible working hours.

In the following months, things did settle down, with IT making a comfortable switch to long-term WFH. However, the industry had to let go of many human resources that it could not fit into its scheme of things. The manufacturing industry realized that automation is a good thing and that its people can work in shifts and rotations to maintain social distance and keep the company running. Also, most of the companies have now shifted to a hybrid mode of working. This means an effective shuffling of resources to keep the productivity at max and physical contact of resources at a minimum.

To summarize, the lockdown has actually been a reset. Companies who managed to see beyond the looming threat and geared up for the transition ahead are gradually adapting and will eventually manage to rise and restore their status in the new normal. Those who did not have either vanished or are waiting to be written-off. However, time is subject to change and who knows with a little effort, many would rise like a phoenix.

In this edition of Insights Success, we present “Companies in Focus 2020”. These companies held on to their dreams, grit and people and are already reaping the benefits. Striding through tough times, they have stood up for themselves and a few for others as well.

On the Cover, we have Orrtus Technologies. Orrtus started working on blockchain-based solutions for the Education, Financial, Oil & Gas and Health care sectors but found itself on a backfoot. The company re-worked on itself to rise again with a renewed vigour and focused areas of interest i.e. the education and healthcare sectors.

The edition also features Creative Corner, a bootstrapped company that is one of the finest solution providers that cater to every business need; Edubull, India’s largest online learning platform with content for every learner; OGEN  Infosystems Pvt. Ltd, an award-winning, innovative Website Designing Company in India that helps other businesses to be digitally proficient in the market; and Space Kidz India, an organization creating young scientists for the country and international experiential learning for students in the field of science, technology, art, and culture.
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