"Isn't the weather terrible? Isn't it shocking? God, it's a beautiful day." How many times have we heard and responded to statements like this? Well, don't hit it, as nine-tenths of people couldn't start a conversation if the weather didn't change from time to time. Communication skills trainers define communication as the exchange of ideas and information through speech, writing, and behavior.

The trainers in the communication skills courses affirm that communication is an art in which you try to make your ideas understood because we all approach communication from our own styles and flexibility.

A useful tool that is constantly used in communication skills courses is the communication quadrant. By using this, you can determine what type of communicator you are, then you can learn to communicate effectively to achieve your goals. For example;

o If you are a specific sequential communicator, you are a Mr. or Mrs. Fix It. You prefer to start from the beginning and be logically organized. He has a tendency to think methodically, yet he does not adapt easily.
o If you are an abstract sequential communicator, you are Mr. or Mrs. Utility. He prefers an impersonal logical analysis, it is important that he has a solid theory, however, he is less concerned about people, since he prefers to get to the point.
o If you are an open communicator, you are Mr. or Mrs. Free Thinker. He tends to rely on his own feelings for an opinion, finds it easy to see it from another point of view, and is a great brainstorm.
o If you are a concrete random thinker, you are Mr. or Mrs. Explorer. Using your intuition based on your own experiences, you will make decisions based on finding solutions and thrive on change. https://talkabouttalk.com/

Communication skills trainers point out that their goal is to present information in a preferred and easy-to-understand way for each of these different styles, and it also allows you to stay on the same wavelength.

This quadrant is a useful tool to use in a communication skills training course, as communication is an inclination to action, so as an employee it is important to combine and adapt to various communication styles to achieve your objective.

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Before beginning this article, I would like readers to keep in mind that good communication skills are vital for most of your family and business life.