There are going to be some people who have always had good posture, and there will be others who have developed their posture during their adult years. However, there will also be people who had good posture at one point in time and then ended up going the other way, and others who haven’t taken the steps to correct their posture.

Now, if this was something that someone could overlook, it wouldn’t matter how they hold themselves. But as it is something that will have a big impact on their life, it will be important for them to pay attention to their posture.

Two Sides

How one holds themselves will not only affect how other people see them, it will also affect how one sees themselves. This is not to say that other people will consciously think about one’s posture; as this can be something that takes place unconsciously.

One could also be in a similar position, and not realise how they are being influenced by how they hold themselves. This could be because they have held themselves in a certain way for a while.

Standing up Straight

When someone stands up, there can either stand up straight or they can slouch over. If they were to stand up straight, have their shoulders back, and their head held high, they are going to create a certain impression on others.

There is a strong chance that other people will respect them, and they might even believe that they hold a position of authority. So through holding themselves in this way, it is going to have a positive influence on their personal life and on their career.

Slouching Over

However, if their body is not straight and they end up slouching over, they are going to create a completely different impression. Other people might find it hard to respect them, and they might end up looking down on them.

And even if they do hold a position of authority, the people they meet may find it hard to believe. This is also likely to be something that ends up having a negative effect on their relationships with others.

Standing Out

Although someone could be classed as tall, if they don’t stand straight, they might not standout. As a result of this, they could end up being overshadowed by someone who is a lot shorter.

How the shorter person holds themselves has then given them the upper hand, and made up for the fact that they are not as tall. It is not that people don’t notice the person who is taller; it is that they don’t have the same presence.

Personal Experience

When one stands up straight or sits up straight when they are sitting down, it is also going to have a positive effect on how they see themselves. Their posture can cause them to respect themselves, and it could cause them to experience a sense of control.

And while their posture can cause other people to respect them, they are also going to expect other people to respect them. This can make it easier for them to handle the situations in their life where other people disrespect them.

Positive Reinforcement

Through having good posture, one will be able to feel good about themselves, and these feelings will end up being reinforced by how other people respond to them. This shows that there are two reasons why someone should have good posture.

Yet, if one has bad posture, it is going to be harder for them to feel good, and how they feel could end up being reinforced by how other people respond to them. Fortunately, one can change how they feel and how others respond to them by changing their posture.

Creating a Better Impression

There is no need for someone to have bad posture and they can begin to change how they see themselves. Through doing this, it will only be a matter of time before other people start to view them differently.

This is not to say that this will happen overnight, but if one sticks to it their experience of life will change. How long it takes can all depend on whether one needs to make a few minor changes or if they need to make changes that are more significant.


One thing that one can do is to stand in front of a mirror and to see how they look; this will give them the chance to see if they stand up straight. From here, one can look at what they need to focus on.

Another thing that can enable one to improve their posture is to take part in some kind of exercise.

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