In the same way that a bad smell can cause someone to leave a room, a bad energy can also cause them to do the same thing. But, while a bad smell can be something that will typically register at a conscious level for someone, their conscious mind might not typically be aware of when they are around a bad energy.

However, even if someone is not consciously aware of what is going on, it won’t stop them from taking evasive action. Thus, as their body has picked up on what is taking place, it won’t matter if their mind hasn’t.

A Drain

If someone was to spend even a few minutes in the company of someone who has a bad energy, they may soon start to feel as though their life force is being sucked from them. Spending an hour in this persons company is then going to greatly damage their wellbeing.

This person is not going to need to say anything to have a negative effect on others; they will simply need to show up. They could then wear smart clothes and expensive aftershave/perfume, yet it won’t make much difference.

A Key Element

What this illustrates is that when it comes to being able to connect to other people, it is not just a case wearing the right clothes and having a smart hair cut. Being in the right place internally is also important.

In fact, if someone’s appearance is not as good as it could be but they have a good energy, it might not matter. Another person will simply enjoy being in their presence, causing them to overlook the aforementioned aspects.

Adding Something

Ultimately, when someone has a negative energy, they are going to be like an energy vampire. Instead of having something to give to another person, they will only be interested in taking their energy.

Unconsciously or consciously, or both, the other person will realise this and feel the need to get away to conserve their energy. On the other hand, when someone has a positive energy, their priority will be to give, not take, which will be far more appealing to others.

How Does This Look?

When this happens, it will be as if someone has something to give to other people. What they have to give them won’t be something physical, but it will have a positive effect on them nonetheless.

So, let’s say that someone was to go to a dance class or even to an event, it will be essential for them to make sure that they are in a good place mentally and emotionally. As what is taking place within them will be what they end up directing towards the people who they come into contact with.

A Magnet

There are undoubtedly going to be some people who won’t respond well to them, that’s just part of life, but there are likely to be plenty of people who do. These people will happily bathe in the energy that they are giving off.

On some level, these people will realise that one is not trying to take their energy, thereby allowing them to relax and to be. And, as they don’t need to protect their energy and they are receiving energy, they will be more likely to give their energy in return.


Now, this doesn’t mean that someone should neglect their appearance or no longer wash; what it does mean is that where they are at at an energetic level is something that has a massive effect on their interactions with others. With this in mind, it will be vital for them to pay attention to this part of themselves and to do what they need to do to be in a good place internally.

To achieve this, they may need to breathe deeply before, and during, their time around others. What may also help is spending time in nature and trying something like Qi Gong as this can allow them to release trapped energy and re-enter themselves.

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