There are going to be times in one’s life when they meet someone for the first time, and how they greet them is likely have a big impact on what happens after they have met. This is because the other person’s first impressions are going to be heavily influenced by what takes place during this stage of the interaction.

How one greets someone they have met before will still have an effect on how the other person sees them, but they may have already formed an opinion of them at this point. Having said that, it is still going to be important for them to embrace the other person, and this partly comes down to the fact that impressions can change.

Different Approaches

Now, if one has known another person for a certain amount of time, they might greet them with a handshake. However, this can all depend on what kind of relationship they have with them, and if they feel comfortable getting closer.

When they feel comfortable getting closer, they might give the other person a hug. Each person is then embracing the other and it could be taken as a sign that they appreciate each other.


This is something that can also depend on what part of the world they are from, and how there are some countries where hugging is seen as normal. And along with this, kissing is also part of the greeting process in certain parts of the world.

For example, if someone is from a warm climate, there is the chance they will hug people when they meet then, whereas, if they are from a cold climate, there is less chance that this will occur. This shows how people are influenced by the weather.

Embracing Another

In order for one to shake another person’s hand or to hug them, it will be important for them to face them. This is not something that can take place through sitting down, and if they were to stay where they are as opposed to embracing the other person, it is not going to create a positive impression.

The other person can end up feeling as though the other person doesn’t want to see them, and unless one wants to create a bad impression, they will need to make sure this doesn’t happen. Having said this, if one is going through a bad time and the other person realises this, it might not have a negative effect.

Other Factors

Standing up and shaking or hugging another person is not the only thing that matters though, there are other factors involved. Another thing that one will need to do while this takes place is to make eye contact and to smile.

Through this, the other person will be able to feel acknowledged, and this could be described as the first step. If this doesn’t take place, it might not matter whether one shakes their hand or hugs them.

Emotional State

While each of these steps could be described as a technique, one may find that they take place naturally when they feel a certain way. What his shows is how important ones emotional state is, and how this something they need to get right when they meet someone.

How they feel on the inside will be picked up by the other person, and this is likely to take place unconsciously. One may try to hide how they feel through using different techniques, but it is unlikely to work if their inner state doesn’t match up with their behaviour.

Inside Out

Therefore, it is going to be important for one to get in touch with how they feel before they meet someone, and if they don’t have time to do this, they may need to make sure they apply the steps that have been mentioned above.


If one doesn’t usually greet people in this way, it might be something that feels uncomfortable in the beginning, but as time passes and they continue to behave in this way, it will soon become second nature.

And while one can change how they feel in order to change how they behave, they can also change how they behave in order to change how they feel. What this means is that as they begin to change how they greet people, their inner state may also change, and this will make it easier for them to appreciate someone.

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