The list comes with the complete contact information of key Real Estate Industry Decision-Makers helping you to Serve Better with your Product or Service

In the midst of the current economic uncertainty of COVID-19, 2020 is proving to be a fascinating time for the housing market and its effects on real estate industry developments. As these trends have evolved and continue to evolve, in order to help predict and make sense of the future, it is important to recognize the current trends in the real estate market and also to look back over time. This rendered the latest Real Estate Industry Email List from InfoGlobalData.

Home prices rose by 0.6 percent by April 2020 compared with last year, down from the nearly 4 percent growth rate in March. This slower growth trend is probably due to the insanity and instability of the coronavirus market. But during the third week of May, home prices worked their way back to a growth rate of 3 percent, almost to pre-COVID levels. There is a chance, then, that home prices will rebound again. It's clear that in the coming years, the real estate market will not face a challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain contact with the experts and the prime decision-makers in the real estate industry.

The InfoGlobalData has launched the updated Real Estate Industry Email List with 179,550 verified and up-to-date contact list of professionals and prime decision-makers of the real estate industry. The email list is segmented in various sections such as Real Estate Agents Email Lists, Realtors Email, and Mailing Addresses, Operators of Apartment Buildings Database, Real Estate Investment Mailing Lists, Property Management Email Lists, Real Estate Builders - Developers Email Lists, and more to connect with the right audiences for your business needs.

Rich Ollari Business Development Manager - Tree Line Solutions said, "It was a real-time struggle to connect with the right audiences in the real estate industry. But InfoGlobalData made our marketing process effortless by connecting with the right targeted audiences." The InfoGlobalData is helping the real estate marketers with its email database of various industries, the customized services would be a pure help for the marketers and leaders to connect with the right audience for multichannel campaigns.

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