Herbal colon cleansers have become a popular option these days not only for easing constipation but also as people realize the importance of digestive and colonic health. Many people are ready to try out herbal colon cleanse products based on their reputation for safety and efficacy. However, not all herbal colon cleansers are created equal-- each product can have its side effects. Here’s a list of common side effects I have found from reviews by people who have used herbal colon cleanse products.

Fiber-Based Herbal Colon Cleanse Products

Many people who have used fiber-based colon cleansers complain of abdominal discomfort, bloating and gas. When taking a fiber-based colon cleanser, the amount of water intake must be just right. Too little water intake can result in constipation.

You may also experience these side effects in spite of drinking the prescribed water intake especially if the colon cleanse products contain ingredients such as cascara sagrada. According to Food and Drug Administration guidelines, cascara sagrada should not be used for more than 7 days. Watch out for herbal colon cleanse programs that contain this ingredient, especially if the duration of the cleanse is more than 7 days.

Constipation is another side effect especially with products that contain flaxseeds as the dietary fiber. Flaxseed is known to cause constipation especially if there is inadequate fluid intake.

Herbal Colon Cleanse Products

Long, unusual stool formations - this side effect is usually due to an ingredient inside the herbal colon cleanse—bentonite clay. Bentonite clay has the ability to absorb toxins but it also mixes with feces to form the unusual shapes depicted by many colon cleanser manufacturers on their websites. The explanation they give is that it is an accumulation of years and years of waste stuck inside your colon—be aware that these long strains of what they call years of accumulated waste is actually created by the bentonite clay.

There are other herbs you may want to stay away from such as black walnut hull, Pau d’arco, wormwood; even licorice can cause side effects in some people. Many of these herbs have not been well-researched or have serious side effects especially for people who already have preexisting-conditions.

Headaches, back aches, cramping and nausea or some of the other complaints associated with herbal colon cleansers.

Some herbal colon cleansers include instructions for dietary modifications such as fasting or eating only certain kinds of fruits or juices. This type of dieting may not be suitable for all, and can result in excessive weakness, and cramping.

Oxygen-Based Colon Cleanse Products

Oxygen-based colon cleansers usually contain magnesium oxides. These are known to cause rapid and thorough emptying of the bowels. This type of colon cleanser is usually used before surgery. The most common complaint associated with oxygen-based colon cleansing is watery stools that often cannot be controlled. Many have commented on embarrassing situations even while remaining close to a restroom. Side effects also include cramping, diarrhea, rash or hives, itching, dizziness or lightheadedness, mood or mental changes, unusual tiredness, weakness, nausea, vomiting.

Choosing a Colon Cleanse Product with the Least Side Effects

When choosing a colon cleanse product make sure you go through the formula and review the ingredients. It would be advisable to search forums for comments by people who have used the product you intend to purchase. Keep an eye out for colon cleanse products that are formulated by a medical doctor and use scientifically supported ingredients, as they could have lesser side effects. The combination of ingredients allays side effects and gives you a more comfortable colon cleanse experience.

A doctor-formulated fiber-based, herbal colon cleanse, like BeneCleanse, uses a three-stage approach. It helps to cleanse the colon, detoxify the system, replenish a healthy microflora, and prime the digestive system. It also includes scientifically-based ongoing nutritional support for maintaining colonic and digestive health through daily intake of MultiFibe capsules. Such colon cleanse products are a great way to promote natural regularity and may help strengthen overall health and boost the immune system.

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NaturalDetox is a manufacturer of colon health supplements that are carefully formulated by a physician. This herbal colon cleanser provides a 3-step approach for colon cleansing, promoting and nutritionally maintaining a healthy colon.