If your Microsoft Surface 3 has turned faulty, don’t worry we will ensure you are able to work properly on the system. We will ensure that you are able to meet your deadline by pointing out the common problems which the device faces over time. This is supposed to help you get in touch with a repair specialist without delay. In the next few lines we will try to give you insights on common Microsoft Surface 3 problems which sometimes turn frustrating. Take a look:

Surface will not charge at all

First find out if the connections are working perfectly. Have a look at the accessories and find out if the problem is a bigger or a minor one. First, disconnect all the peripherals followed by unplugging the power chord. Now check if the process has worked.

Next, did you have a look at the charging port? If it doesn’t look alright or you suddenly notice a sign of damage, don’t delay call up a computer repair specialist. As a matter of fact, you should call up a Microsoft Surface repair expert.

Surface touchscreen is not responding

Did you notice problems with the Surface screen? You must be wondering what kind of a problem we are trying to mean. A common problem with the Microsoft Surface 3 is when the screen doesn’t work. An unresponsive screen is a sign telling your Microsoft surface 3 device needs support. Damages like displacement, crack and damage should be immediately attended to. If you do not find any physical or internal damage to the screen remember to clean it with a soft cloth. At times, grime and grease are responsible for making a touchscreen unresponsive. For a software related issue, you can simply restart the device and we are sure the problem will be solved. Sometimes the touchscreen will refuse to work properly because of problems with the touchscreen calibration. Adjust it now.

Surface screen turns dim

A possible reason leading the Microsoft Surface screen to turn dim is a faulty backlight. This is a common issue which surface users face. Sometimes the screen can turn so dim that you will barely be able to see anything on it. Before assuming anything make sure you have identified if the problem is due to an issue with the software or hardware.

Surface is failing to offer sound

When you are using any kind of an accessory like a headphone or a speaker make sure the ports are well connected and not loose. If you find the ports being blocked, clear it. If you find out that the system is working well with Surface speakers and yet there is a problem in the audio once you port in a different device, it could be because there is a problem with the accessory itself.

Have you checked with the volume button? Did you mistakenly reduce the volume? Check this before hiring a Microsoft Surface Repair expert.

Watch out for these common problems so that you can at least stay abreast with the issues which the device can incur over time.

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The author is a techie who owns the Microsoft Surface 3. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key aspects related to the device.