Does determining the prices of your services and products cause you a lot of anxiety? You’re not alone. Most spiritual entrepreneurs aren’t in business for the money. In fact, many of them couldn’t care less about how many commas are in their bank account. While money isn’t everything, it is very necessary in the world that we live in. As a result, getting your pricing right is vital. Here are the 3 most common pricing mistakes made by spiritual entrepreneurs:

Copycat Pricing

Playing ‘Follow the Leader’ is fun when you’re a kid, but it’s a horrible pricing strategy for lightworkers. Just because other psychics are charging $25 a reading doesn’t mean you should. Your pricing strategy should be as unique and spiritual as your meditation practice is. Like it or not, setting your rates is a key part of your spiritual journey in entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, many spiritual entrepreneurs miss their spiritual lesson when resistance to charging for their services arises. Copying the pricing strategies of others may be easier, but the cost is high. You are essentially telling the Universe to limit your abundance to that of others.

Undercharging (or Not Charging at All)

Having the lowest prices works well for Walmart, but it will not serve you or your clients well in the long run. I know that you want to help everyone and that you think low prices will help you to serve more people, but it won’t. This is a common misconception had by spiritual entrepreneurs. See, you’re not here to serve everyone. You are here to serve a specific tribe. It’s quite possible that your tribe is not motivated by low prices.

You will never really know how much money as person has. I learned this very important lesson early on in my journey of entrepreneurship. Your clients may tell you that they don’t have the money right now and that may very well be true, but you have no way of truly knowing. People find the money needed everyday to pay for the things they value. Honestly, their financial situation is none of your concern because you know that everyone has the power to manifest. Manifestation is a skill. In fact, it’s like any muscle. The more you consciously use it, the stronger it gets. When you undercharge, you take away your client’s right to exercise their manifestation powers.

Another common misconception is that not charging for your services and products makes you more spiritual. No, that just makes you a magnet for takers and freebie chasers. These energy vampires will literally suck you dry until you have nothing left to give. Your spiritual gifts should be given away freely, but not for free. Prosperity is your birthright! You are here to be an example to others. When you prosper from your natural gifts and talents you give others permission to do the same.

Don’t Pay Themselves

Time is money. We’ve all heard this saying over and over again, yet spiritual entrepreneurs usually forget to assign a dollar value to their time and talents. Time in the 3D world is truly your most valuable asset. When it’s gone, it’s gone. So, why aren’t you paying yourself for every bottle of oil that you sell? Even if you only include $1 in the price of your product for yourself, then it’s way better than nothing. Also, remember to actually track your salary. Don’t worry about the number. If you’re just starting out, your salary will likely be low. By not paying yourself you are telling the Universe that your time isn’t valuable. Many entrepreneurs unintentionally take their talents for granted. They assume that what comes easy to them is easy for other people, too. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What you do, how you do it, and all of the investments that you’ve made into mastering your craft matter.

Getting the right price is bigger than the game show. What’s right for you likely will not be right for someone else and that’s okay. Ultimately, the rates for your services and products are a direct reflection of your self worth. You must be in soul alignment with your prices in order to attract your tribe. Charging too much or undercharging block your blessings. Go within to determine your pricing strategy and your personal fee per transaction. Remember, you don’t have to marry your rates. You are allowed and encouraged to change them as needed since you’re constantly evolving. Don’t be afraid to raise your rates if necessary. You must let go of the old to make room for new clients. Go set your prices with confidence and make it a time of celebration because you’re fortunate to get paid to do what you love!

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Sarah Aderson is the authority that spiritual and visionary entrepreneurs depend on to help them transform their services into digital and physical products.  Like Sarah, these changemakers understand that products allow them to expand their movements, build generational wealth, and positively impact the world in a huge way. She empowers you to charge what you’re worth.

Sarah is an international speaker, bestselling author, product creator, and empire builder.  Her services and products are infused with infinite love. When she’s not creating, you can find Sarah in Atlanta, GA enjoying trail mix and time with her awesome son.  Visit to pick up your complimentary gift and learn more about Sarah’s services.