Striping the parking lot by itself is quite a simple process. During parking lot striping in Denver, you just need to paint a few lines on the surface. Something that even an untrained person can manage with steady hands and the right tools and materials.


But drawing lines on an asphalt or cement surface is not all there is to striping the parking lot. The idea is to create an efficient layout where drivers can park their vehicles without getting in each other’s way. Drawing a layout haphazardly can do just that.


Moreover, you may not be familiar with the right tools or materials best suited for your environment. This could lead to errors when setting the parking area. That’s why hiring a professional parking lot striper is more efficient.


Here are some common mistakes to avoid when painting the parking lot:


No Planning

Creating a parking area layout isn’t just about painting a few lines. It’s about creating an area where drivers can park their vehicles efficiently. The area should be able to fit in the traffic you get while ensuring that the flow is maintained.


A lack of planning could result in errors while painting the slots that could affect people’s experience and safety.


Planning can help you make the most out of your area. You can get the measurements right and allot areas depending on the business and local requirements. Contractors may draw the plan or use a software.


Take precise measurements of the area and the parking slots. Consider whether the stalls will be straight or angled and how the traffic will flow. You also get an idea of what type of tools and materials you need for the job. Use chalk to mark the areas before you start painting for better precision.


Not Knowing State Regulations

State regulations define various aspects of the parking lot. ADA compliance is especially important to help people with disabilities. Not following these guidelines could result in lawsuits, fines, etc. That’s why you need to ensure that your layout is compliant with state regulations, right from the planning stage.


Fixing the errors after you have already painted the surface can be difficult. You need to remove the paint or cover it with black-out lines. Ensuring that your plan follows the state regulations can save you a lot of trouble.


Using Wrong Paint

Not just any paint will do for the parking lot surface. You need to consider what materials you need based on the surface type and weather conditions.


For example, both oil-based and water-based paint may not stick to a freshly paved surface. You need to apply a second coat of paint a month after the first coat.


Using Wrong Striper

There are many types of line stripers in the market that make your choice complicated. Between small spray can liners to large machines with seats, you have many options. You need to choose the right kind of machine to get better flexibility during the project.


If you have a small lot, a spray can liner is enough. A larger lot may need a larger machine for more paint. If you plan on using stencils for signs, then you may need a striper with two paint guns.



Unless you are confident in your skills and have the necessary tools, you should leave striping to professionals. The last thing you need is a lot filled with disorganized and ugly lines. Professionals can ensure that everything is organized.


Leaving Cracks For Later

Asphalt paint won’t fill the cracks on the surface. You need to call a Denver asphalt repair company to fix your surface before you paint it. Leaving it for later could add more costs, especially if the contractor has to remove the newly painted surface for repairs.


Painting Without Cleaning

Paint does not stick to a dirty surface easily. That’s why you need to clean the surface well before beginning the project. Blowers, brushes and/or power washers may be required.

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