Due to the fairly consistent bad side effects and even failure of conventional medicine in numerous chronic diseases, many people tend to look elsewhere for answers.

The “elsewhere” is alternative medicine. Among the most popular and most successful seems to be naturopathy.

The ethos behind naturopathy is to find ways to work with nature instead of fighting against it. The study of naturopathy is the study of nature and how it works with and in the human body.

The approach is holistic. Any illness or disease present indicates that there is a problem in the whole body, not just the organ or part showing symptoms.

When conventional medicine treats symptoms, the immediate effect is often quite good, but the two negatives with that kind of treatment are:

Invariably there are side effects to many of the drugs and treatments that the body has to cope with. These can take time for the body to process, and do nothing to re-establish its health and well being.

The causes of the symptoms are not treated. Once the effects of the drugs and / or treatment wear off, the cause remains like a ticking time bomb, ready to erupt again.

The balance of the body is reflected in vibrant good health and energy. When its needs are not met, or it is unable to cope with excessive stressors, such as bad diet and lifestyle, that is when the body becomes vulnerable and disease occurs.

Remove those bad influences and meet all the needs of the body, and it will return to health. It is capable of healing and repairing itself, if it is just given a chance. Nature is truly amazing.

So, the whole science of naturopathy is geared towards exploring the human organism and finding out its secrets. The following are some of the well known needs of the body:

Fresh air and sunshine. Because of the scare of skin cancer, sunshine tends to be frowned upon these days. Nevertheless it is necessary. Go for short exposure in shady areas if it is intense sunlight. Breathe deeply. This makes a good combination with the next vital need…..

Emotional relaxation. This could include prayer or meditation. Take time to enjoy nature and the joy of being alive. Spend part of each day on yourself and promoting your well being. Spend part of each day helping other people selflessly. These two need balance, like everything else in health and nature.

Exercise. The more this aspect gets neglected, the more illness, physical and mental, flourishes. If you put your mind to it, there is always a fun way and an inexpensive way to exercise. The good news is exercise is addictive. Once your endorphins and seratonin levels go up, you will be hooked! It has been said that if your exercise levels are up to par, your mistakes in nutrition will not be nearly so serious.

Water. This is what we are mostly made of. Drink at least 2 litres a day of good, clean water, and it will flush out many toxins, and make you feel good too.

Your naturopath is qualified to help you in all these aspects. They form part of the common neuropath services.

Separately I mention the most complex part of these services, and that is nutrition. This is really an intricate subject.

Many people need supplements. There are also many natural and herbal remedies he may suggest. Some people may need help with weight loss or hormone balancing.

There are so many aspects. But do take time and effort to learn something about it yourself. There is a mass of information available to teach you.

There are a wide range of naturopathy services available to provide natural cures to problems. I sometimes buy herbal remedies from this natural therapist in Adelaide.

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