We purchase a mixer grinder to ease out the things in the kitchen. From grinding strong food to blending fluids, mixer grinder finds numerous utilizations in the everyday kitchen schedule. Furthermore, hence, even a minor issue in the best mixer grinder in India can restrict us from using it completely. If you are facing any issue with your mixer grinder, you don't have to panic. A considerable lot of the common mixer grinder issues can be effectively fixed at home.

Spillage from Jar

The most widely recognized issue with a mixer grinder is without a doubt that of spillage. Spillage from the container can be caused because of three essential reasons. Initially, your mixer grinder may have a free loose blade in the container. For this situation, please ensure that the blade assembly is fixed. You can do that just with a screwdriver. Another normal reason is an issue with the elastic rubber gasket. You can essentially replace the old rubber gasket with another one. You can buy the new rubber gasket from any neighbourhood shop. Another purpose behind spillage from the container may be because of a crack in the container itself. In such a case, you don't have another option. You should replace it.

Blades Not Rotating at Full Speed

Regularly, the blades don't rotate at full speed in light of the fact that the food particles have stopped up the blade assembly. This issue can be solved without any problem. Disassemble the blade assembly and afterwards clean it. You can do the cleaning by absorbing the blades in warm water and afterwards scrub the blades. Whenever you finished cleaning it, assemble blades correctly and check whether the blades are now rotating at full speed or not.

Blades Turning Blunt

After some time, the blades of the mixer grinder get gruff. You can sharpen the blades with the help of rock salt. Put some rock salt in the container and turn on your mixer grinder. Continue turning it off at a regular interval. Continue doing it for the following five minutes, and you will unquestionably see a change in the blades.

Stop Due to Overload

This issue is very regular in a mixer grinder with a low limit motor. If you run your mixer grinder constantly for longer lengths, at that point the motor gets hot and it naturally gets stopped to avoid any harm to the mixer grinder. In the event that your mixer grinder stops absolutely because of over-load, it is the ideal time for you to decrease the load in the mixer grinder. Keep your mixer grinder off for 30 minutes. Turn on the over-load switch at the base following 30 minutes before starting the mixer grinder once more.


These common issues of mixer grinder can be effortlessly solved at home with minor hacks while the others may require expert help. You can get rid of the common issues with the mixer grinder by getting service at regular intervals. Try not to sit tight for a point where the mixer grinder stops working rather get it to fix. If problems occur more often than you can buy new best mixer grinders and other essential items such as best water purifiers for home.

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