A credit card is the best banking tool to possess for anyone who wants to manage his/her finances. Often, there are a lot of inhibitions that come along with a credit card and many people tend to view it as instruments of debt. Eradicating those beliefs, credit cards quickly became popular among the consumers from every sector and people started realising a credit card’s worth. In this scenario, where getting a credit card has become a normal practice, people still tend to make some mistakes while applying for it.
Here is the roundup of a few so that you could avoid it while applying for the card of your interest:

Getting confused with too many options
You will bound to get confused while browsing through the numerous offers banks and credit card providers present to you. At this instance, it is important to focus on your criteria and choose a credit card that fits your bill perfectly.

Seeking too many credit cards at once
That’s a fatal mistake to make as applying for too many credit cards at once not only slims your chances to get one but it might also raise questions about your intentions to get so many cards at one go. Thus it is only wise to apply for one credit card at a time which will stand you more chances of the bank approving it.

Being unaware about the fees and charges involved

Applying for a credit card without thoroughly knowing the charges and fees involved is a common mistake that you can make. Though many credit cards come with annual fee waiver for first year or even for lifetime, there are a few cards that do not have the privilege. You should check this before getting a card. Other supplementary charges such as administration fees (if any), cash advance fee, foreign conversion rate, and duplicate monthly statement draft charges should not be looked over.
Not knowing your eligibility

If you do not know what type of credit card you are eligible of, you might end up applying for a wrong one. This eventually will take you nowhere and result in the application getting disapproved by the bank. Thus make sure that your age, annual income, the age of the supplementary cardholder that you are naming, your work permit type and citizenship status are on point while applying for the credit card of any bank.

Not understanding your requirements
It is very important to figure out the projected usage of your credit card. E.g. if you are a frequent traveller, a card that gives you air miles and lounge benefits as rewards is more beneficial for you. Therefore, knowing your spending habits and requirements is necessary to apply for the right credit card. Different credit cards come with different privileges like shopping rewards credit cards, petrol rebates etc. Hence it is essential to make your bet wisely before purchasing any credit card.
Also, make sure that you are a loyal customer of the bank where you are applying for the credit card. For instance, if you have a fixed deposit account in the bank, it will be a little easier for you to request a credit card with them.

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