In the recent past, yoga has grown through the globe and the best of its example is International Yoga Day. More and more people are getting educated about the potential of yoga and people are even adopting it in their daily life. But when we talk about performing yoga, there are numerous mistakes that newbie performers do. Multiple reasons like lack of knowledge, absence of any trainer, are behind such mistakes, but it's important to know these mistakes that can help you to get benefit from Yoga.

So, let's take a look at some common mistakes that most of you do.

Breathing Mistake: until and unless you are in the right posture, it’s not recommended to hold your breath. Newcomers and even students generally make this mistake that instead of offering benefit to them causes tension and stress. Till you take the right posture and are mentally ready to start Yoga, it’s better to continue your regular breath. That’s the reason why you are always suggested to take lessons at Yoga Vidya Mandiram.

No use of Props: Every task that you do to regulate your body and mind require some props to support your efforts and deliver you the desired results. But people think that yoga can be done without using any props. When you reach the advanced level of yoga, you will find the necessity of props and will suggest too.

Wrong Postures: This is the biggest blunder that people do while performing yoga. In such cases, either you don’t get any results or get negative results (in rare cases). For e.g. There is a difference between V shape and U-shape which you perform in “Adho mukha svanasana”. The V-shape is correct but still, newbie people continue doing it with U-shape that makes it worthless to do.

Extra Stretch to Body: There are many of the yoga postures where you need to stretch your body, but this doesn’t mean to cross your tolerance level and get injuries instead of getting good results. Once you get perfection in a particular posture, you can slowly increase the stretching level, but it is never recommended without any trainer.

Not Listing to Precautions: Yoga postures always comes with some precautions that everyone should strictly follow. For e.g. Bitilasana is an effective Yoga posture to cure spinal pain. But in case you have an injury, you should skip this posture as it can cause more harm to your back. So, before you perform any yoga posture, read about the instructions and precautions carefully.

To get the complete knowledge of Yoga and take its lessons, you can attend the Yoga TTC Rishikesh program. This is a myth that yoga is all about inhale and exhale along with some weird postures. Instead, it is the cleanest way to control your body and mind without burning your calories in the gym or lifting heavy weights. In short, it is the ancient way of getting peace of mind. So, if you too perform yoga on a daily basis, make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

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