Are you going to renovate your bathroom but within a tight budget? Well, that’s not a big issue as with so many options related renovations all around, it's not impossible to get it done cost-effectively. All you have to do is to be a smart buyer. Know what you want and purchase accordingly without compromise with the quality.

For the starter, you can focus on cutting the budget a bit by having cost-effective tiles. And, when it is about cost-effectiveness, nothing can beat the collection of subway tiles in Perth. Are you surprised? Don’t be! Subway tiles are the new trend for bathrooms and its pocket-friendly as well. 

You must be wondering about the perceptions and notions that you have heard of regarding these tiles and still doubting whether itwill be a relevant option for you to choose or not. That’s why you need to see the realities beyond the myths surrounding subway tiles with particular attention.

Find out the truth yourself.

Myth 1: Subway Tiles are Boring

“It’s an early 19th Century innovation and that too for tile-clad stations! How can it be contemporary?”

The question is quite organic, but the fact is subway tiles are timeless. It has the perfect minimalistic look that can create an impact, and the use of right coloured tiles and the arrangements can make it look incredible. It is recommended to go over the internet check out the Pinterest images for inspiration, and you will no longer find these tiles to be boring.

Myth 2: Subway Tiles look Cheap

Due to its minimalistic appeal, it seems to be cheap and less luxurious compared to its contemporaries. Well, you have to understand that there is a difference between cheap and subtlety. It is true that these tiles do not look extravagant or luxurious. However, it has a unique appeal that you will never find in anything else. So, the fact is only the price of subways tiles is cheap, not its look!

Myth 3: Subway Tiles have no Variety

It is not true at all! You will find many varieties in colours of these tiles in the recent times. Apart from the standard white or off-white, black is another popular choice when it comes down to this particular tile. With many colour varieties, it is quite fascinating to create a feature wall in your bathroom, and that alone will steal the show. It is expected that in the coming time, more experiments will be done by bringing powerful and striking varieties in these tiles that will also be a treat to the eyes.

Myth 5: You cannot incorporate much with subway tiles

The reality is just the opposite of this myth. You can actually include many things with these particular tiles. The best part of all is one can use these tiles for any bathroom renovations in Perth, be it a commercial or residential project. A standalone bath or a contemporary shower space – whatever you want to integrate to your bathroom décor, you will not need to give it a second thought for this universal appeal of the subway tiles.

So, now as you are out of these false notions regarding subway tiles, take a step ahead and research the internet to find inspiration and end up with fantastic renovation with these tiles without crossing the budget limit.

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The author is associated with the supply of essentials required for bathroom renovations in Perth and also aware of the impact of subway tiles in Perth in creating modern and minimalistic décor.