There are a number of ways that alcohol is currently being abused. It is advisable for those that abuse alcohol to consider undergoing treatment in alcohol rehabs.

1. Binge Drinking

This is a term used in describing someone that drinks excessively. If a man drinks at least five drinks in two hours, he is a heavy drinker. If a woman drinks at least four drinks in two hours, she is a heavy drinker. Those that fall into this category are usually dependent on alcohol and need alcohol rehab.
Studies have shown that one in six adults in the United States carries out heavy drinking regularly. They usually fall in the age range of eighteen to thirty-five.
Heavy drinking has a lot of issues. It could lead to a car accident when a person drinks and drives. It could lead to violence. It could worsen health issues like cancer, STDs, alcohol poisoning, brain damage, and so on.
How do I reduce the health risks from binge drinking?
●Try to limit the amount of alcohol you consume on a single occasion.
●Drink your beverages more slowly. This means that you will overall consume a lower number of beverages.
●Drink with meals. The food will help line your stomach and slow the process of the alcohol entering your bloodstream.
●Alternate your drinks. Drink an alcoholic beverage, followed by a glass of water.
●Plan ahead to avoid any issues. For example, make plans for someone to pick you up from a location where you will be drinking and have people that you trust around you when you drink.
Keeping track of your binge drinking is very important, and even more important if you are in an unfamiliar location where there is a risk of danger.

2. Pregnant Women and Alcohol

It is wrong for pregnant women to take alcohol, no matter how minute it was. It is wrong to drink when you are pregnant. It could lead to stillbirth, miscarriage, and development problems in your kid. The child may have to deal with learning issues, coordination problems, and so on. We have seen cases of vision problems in kids linked to the fact that their mothers drank alcohol when they were pregnant. The same thing can be said for some that have hearing issues, poor judgment skills, poor coordination skills and so on.
As a pregnant woman, it is advisable to avoid drinking for the sake of your health and that of your baby.
When you drink alcohol whilst pregnant, alcohol passes to the baby through the blood via the placenta. A baby’s liver is one of the last organs it will develop, and the liver is the organ which processes alcohol and removes it’s toxins from the body. Without the liver the baby is very vulnerable to damage from alcohol.
Even when the liver has developed, a baby cannot process alcohol the same way its mother can. Too much exposure to the substance can seriously harm the baby and their growth.

How can I avoid alcohol in pregnancy?

It might not be as hard as you imagine to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. A lot of women get put off the taste when going through the hormonal changes in the early stages. Giving up alcohol whilst trying to get pregnant can also help to reduce the cravings for it at a later date.
If you find out that you are pregnant after drinking during early pregnancy, you should avoid any further drinking.

3. Teen Alcohol Abuse

Studies released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that many teens are drinking. Over the right percent of right graders drink. Over eighteen percent of tenth graders drink. Over thirty percent of twelfth graders drink. This study was released in 2018.
Teens that drink alcohol tend to have low energy, have poor coordination and concentration skills. Their academic results are normally poor. They tend to rebel and get into trouble.
Underage drinking not only affects the teen, but can also affect society in general from their poor decisions made during drinking. Some end up being sexually active and start having unprotected sex compared but to those that do not drink. Teens that drink are more likely to die in a car crash from drink driving. Alcohol abuse is wrong for anyone, not minding their age or gender.
The best way to talk to a teen about drinking is to sit them down, and try to have an honest and open chat with them. This is best done before you even suspect they have begun drinking, so that they don’t get defensive about it. If they express frustration over the topic, let them know the damaging effects alcohol can have on a young person.

Why do teenagers drink?

The reasons that young people drink can be varied. It can be to rebel, but it is mainly due to peer pressure. They want to drink to keep up with their friends that drink. This can also be made worse by popular culture, teenagers are often portrayed drinking and having fun on movies and TV.
Teenagers could also choose to drink as a distraction from the worries and pressures of their life. Puberty and education all at once can be very tough, and they may wrongly think that consuming alcohol is a good way to deal with it.

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