Relationship without Marriage

If 7th is completely afflicted but Venus and the 5th house gain strength, relationships would remain without marriage. If 12th is strong, bed-pleasures will not be denied. If both 5th and 7th and Venus are afflicted but 12th is strong, bed-pleasures would be attained without emotional involvement.

Social obstruction to marriage

9th and 5th being afflicted and Jupiter being in malefic influence or retrograde.


Combinations of asceticism are many. But if a horoscope indicates Sanyas or any indications of Sanyas, no other combinations need to be present to deny marriage. Of course, sanyas must be indicated in the horoscope and in behavior, not in an Asaram-Ram Rahim manner of external appearance and fan-following.

Common yogas of ascetism from rare texts:

Very strong Moon and lagna/lagna lord with no house being majorly afflicted
Presence of four or more planets (none being combust) in the same house
A strong mahapurush yoga or a mahabhagya yoga along with any indications of sanyas
Venus being aspected by Saturn alone, being debilitated in Navamsa but strong in all other divisions.
Moon afflicted in an otherwise strong horoscope would lead to renunciation
If the 7th and the 12th are afflicted by the mentioned standards, but the 5th and Venus become strong, their result changes. 5th then shifts its results from success in relationship to mantra-siddhi, knowledge of shastra, etc. while Venus changes its nature from that of a lust driven planet to that of a learned and powerful brahmin (Shukracharya).
Major/most planets of the horoscope being in Pushkara navamsha

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.