Let’s be honest! iPhone touchscreen issues are always a drag. Being the primary mode of input, whenever it goes haywire, it makes you regret the day when you chucked our old QWERTY keypad model for this sleek and minimalistic Apple smartphone.

After all, what good is your smart device if its touchscreen fails to work properly?

To Complicate Things Further…!

You may have come across a plethora of iPhone touchscreen glitches and issues which caused them! But it makes sense as iPhones are complicated devices. 

The pleasing news, however, is that often those issues involved resolving solutions being as simple as updating the iOS.

So, before taking them to your trusted iPhone repair shop in Adelaide and waiting for your turn to fix them, we suggest you follow this checklist of common touchscreen issues with their appropriate troubleshooting solutions. You may end up saving your valuable time and hard-earned money.

Common Touchscreen Issues & Possible Troubleshooting Measures

1. Some reports came out that users were experiencing touchscreen issues outside in the cold temperature. Case in point was the iPhone X model. However, it’s not as serious as it appeared. The issue was due to what Apple labelled as ‘Rapid Temperature Change’ which could be easily resolved via software update. So, this is worth a shot before taking it to your iPhone technicians.

Apple clearly states using the device in the temp range between 32 degrees to 95 degrees F- which most people usually do. 

2. One of the commonest touchscreen issues found in Apple smartphones was the ‘Touch Disease.’ This was mostly found in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models and is still relevant to some users. This issue was characterised by a flickering grey bar something like a television static and screen unresponsiveness, occasionally.

The cause of this issue was due to the device malleability- which caused its touch IC chip to slightly come away from its internal logic board. However, the issue was sorted by the manufacturer itself in its subsequent re-designed models.

As of now, it is only seen in Apple 6 models, which can be fixed with the help of your technicians!

3. Some users in the past also complained about their Apple touchscreen showing not enough sensitivity. But, little do they know that if their device features 3D touch sensitivity, then its settings may not be optimised accordingly. 

If you happen to be one such user, then simply go to settings> general> accessibility> and tap on the 3D touch sensitivity option. That should do the trick. But if it doesn’t, then it’s worth taking it to your nearby mobile phone technician offering all repairs in Adelaide

But If You Have A Serious Screen Issue At Hand Like:-

  • You’ve cracked it accidentally,
  • The screen’s completely frozen
  • Or gone total black

Then consult with quality repair technicians immediately! These specialists have the tools, resources and experience to repair and replace damaged iPhone screens and restore its functionality in quick time. They charge reasonably too, which is another perk to appreciate.

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