Plants are no different from humans or animals. At some point of their life they will encounter pests and diseases during their life time. Therefore keeping an eye out for problems can help save the situation. Of course the earlier you catch the problem the better. There are several different ways to deal with common garden pests.

Some people will use chemical based pesticides and some others will use organic pesticides. There are other ways to prevent these pests and that is by encouraging insects that will feed on these pests. It is nearly impossible to count all of the different types of pest that can cause harm to your garden. They can range from tiny microscopic organisms such as leaf miners to large animals such as rats, rabbits and moles. Other harmful animals include the mealy bug, flies and worms. This is why it is important to give your garden enough attention to make it pest free.

Below some of the most common garden pests will be mentioned. The good news is that they can destroyed using pesticides. These pesticides can be bought from your neighborhood store or from an online store. Aphids. These common insects feed on plant sap and they multiply quickly. In the long run they stunt plant growth. Slugs and Snails. These animals will eat the stems, flowers, leaves and seedlings. If you are trying to grow fruit plants, they can be a nightmare if not taken care of. Caterpillars. These cute looking animals will feed on leaves. Yes it's true that one day they will turn into beautiful butterflies and moths, but they can damage plants. Thrips. Thrips are also known as thunder flies.

They are very small and hard to see but they will cause silver-white mottling on flowers and leaves. Scale insects. These insects are also small and difficult to see, but they feed on foliage and stems. Weevils. Weevils are the larvae of small black beetles. They are generally white in color and tend to be fat looking. Plant root is their favorite food. Therefore they are some of the most destructive of all garden pests and need to be destroyed immediately. Lily beetles. Lily beetles are easy to spot. They are bright red in color and have black heads. Red Spider mites. This type of insect is also very small and the attack leaves, especially the under side, which will make them turn yellow.

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