In regards to locking and unlocking of mobile phones, people have several questions they need answers to, when they take the phone for unlocking near Nottingham or in any other place, depending upon the place of the person’s location.

Here on this page, we discuss a few FAQs regarding the locking and unlocking of the phone.

Is the mobile phone currently locked? 

If you have not purchased a device that has been specifically sold as 'unlocked' at the time of purchase, you should assume that the phone has been locked to a specific network provided by a service provider. This holds true at the time of purchasing the phone from the service provider, any retail outlet, or from a third party.

How can I unlock my phone? 

Though one good way is to contact the mobile wireless service provider, the pundits would say that the best way is to take the device to a local authorised store, which will be able to do the needful, get in touch with the mobile network service provider to get the device unlocked. 

Devices are generally unlocked by certain unlock codes and some other software devices, which only an authorized and licensed technical service provider can. For instance, if you have a Samsung phone the unlocking can be done by an authorized dealer who is familiar with Samsung unlocking mechanism in Nottingham or any other city. 

Can the network service provider unlock the device? 

All service providers are certified members of the Office of Telecommunications (OFTEL) and have the authority of locking and unlocking devices. Each service provider has its own unlocking policy and procedure and responds to the unlocking requests of its customers accordingly. 

When the phone is eligible for unlocking? 

In case the user has a postpaid device, it is eligible for being unlocked by a participating service provider, after the user has fulfilled all the formalities of the applicable service contract, completed the installment plan of the device or has paid the premature termination fee.

Are the prepaid phones unlocked upon requests? 

Yes! The participating service provider can unlock prepaid devices, within a year of the initial activation, consistent with the payment, user requirements with a reasonable time.

Is unlocking of the phones a chargeable service? 

The participating providers may not tag any charge against the unlocking service. However, the third-party service providers or the technicians, if and when they help to have the device unlocked, may ask for a fee.

Does the mobile network service provider have the authority not to unlock the device in the event of any outstanding bill? 

Yes definitely! Providers do not require unlocking the devices for existing as well as previous customers that are not in terms of good standing. Thus, the users need to contact their mobile network service provider for understanding the terms and conditions regarding unlocking policies. 

Thus you see, there are so many questions that people may have regarding and unlocking of the device. Thus, the experts think that the users must not keep any outstanding payments and if despite that there is an issue regarding locking and unlocking, an authorized Samsung dealer has to be contacted.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a legal Samsung mobile phone techie in Nottingham who has the authority of unlocking mobile phones. The author is also an avid blogger.