In interviews, there are some errors which are made by the interviewers. These mistakes are made on an unintentional and unconscious mode. An error is a wrong judgement of a situation, object or person. This happens either because the situation/object/person is judged on the basis of partial information or misperception of information. In either case, the judgment tends to be wrong. This happens in the case of interviews too. After all interviewers are also human beings and they are affected by their own personality features and other behavioural factors like attitudes, values, emotions etc. Some common errors likely to be made by interviewers are the first impression, halo effect and stereotyping. If you can take adequate precautions during the interview process, you may become more effective.

First impression: There is a famous saying about the interview: "In an interview, interviewers form their opinions about the interviewee in the first few minutes. The rest of the time is used to reinforce those opinions." This happens because interviewers tend to evaluate a candidate on the basis of the first impression given by the candidate. If this first impression is favourable, the candidate is likely to be judged favourably by the interviewers.
Halo effect: Halo effect takes place when the interviewer judge all the qualities of a candidate based on the observation of a few qualities only. Since a candidate has so many qualities and the interviewers do not have enough time at their disposal, they probe only a limited number of qualities of the candidate. This probing can turn out inaccurate depending on biases and prejudices formed by the wrong judgement of the interviewer.
Stereotyping: Stereotyping occurs when a person is perceived by others on the basis of the characteristics of the group to which he belongs rather than his personal characteristics. In the case of an interview, the interviewers may take a positive or negative stand about a candidate based on his schooling pattern and the status of the educational institution from where he has completed his highest degree, place of his origin, family background etc.

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