In today’s world every organization uses Computer network to maintain a proper flow of data communication. The Computer network is the lifeline of an organization responsible for regulating data transmission throughout the complete hierarchical structure. These networks are used to share and exchange information which can be a text file, image file or multimedia file. But problems come when a user faces a problem and due to lack of technical knowledge have to abandon work. In this article I will let you know about the common network problems and the necessary steps which you should adopt to solve them:
• IP and NIC issue: When the two computers are assigned with same IP address by manual mistake then it will give rise to the connection problem. This can initiate connection error with the computer of parent network. The NIC is an important component which is responsible for establishing a temporary connection of your computer to computer network
Resolution: For solving this problem identify the concerned computers and assign them unique IP address. For Solving Network Interface card related issues Ping the computer and change the faulty settings.
• No Network Access: Sometime while working Computer shows “No Network access” or service not available for your computer with a web server error code HTTP 504.
Resolution: For the resolution of this problem checks whether all the devices are properly connected if not then reseat all the connection. Incase of Wi-Fi internet connection a user access internet connection through radio waves. There are some unreachable areas also known as Cold Spots at which internet connection is not available, to eliminate this problem Check the router or hub settings and replan the whole network.
• No Network Access due to Firewall Restriction: Sometime the security restriction created by user led to the denial of network access services. The firewall restrictions don’t allow your computer to share the documents including text or image from/over the network computers.
Sometime absence of network connectivity is due to firewall restrictions. These restrictions will not let you to connect to the desired network
Resolution: For solving this problem you have to change your PC firewall settings and thus enable your computer to get access to the services offered by the network. Highly secured Firewall settings are mandated for boosting up your computer security from threats but sometime for accessing the network services it is required lowering the security level.
• Declination in speed while accessing network resources: You have noticed that the speed with which you access network resources varies with time. Most of the people have fallacies that excess data transmission is the reason for speed declination. This usually happens due to improper network planning which leads to sluggish data transmission.
Resolution: Replan the network properly and allocates resources according to the need. It is always advised to zip up bulky files this will reduce the burden on the network. Also identify whether your network card is configured in transmit mode indicates the card is used excessively and the network card is not working so replace it with the new one compatible to your computer.
• Regular Network connection failure: Incase of wired connection due to some faulty connection or physically damaged can cause regular drops network connection.
Resolution: For resolving this problem examine the network cables if there is any cut then replace it. In case of wireless network identify the cold spot and faulty router settings, and then correct them. It is very difficult to troubleshoot the problem in wireless network but some sensible decision can eliminate your problem.
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