A copy writer is faced with a lot of challenges when trying to persuade people with the use of nothing more then their writing skills. Obviously knowing how to write persuasive copy involves more than any particular skill of the pen or keyboard. Effective copy writing must first address what is inside the head of the reader before the first words are even written. It therefore would stand to reason that anybody with these writing skills must also possess other characteristics as well. It is these characteristics that give them their passion and enable them to be so effective at their craft.

Here is a look at 5 characteristics you would expect to find in any person who has the enthusiasm for and knows how to write persuasive copy.


Effective copy writing depends more on being reactive as oppose to proactive when addressing readers. The author is trying to touch upon already existent needs or desires more so than to create new ones. It is therefore important that they observe behaviors and/or trends to do so.


Their curiosity is what helps them uncover the 'emotional' trigger points so often used in what they write. Looking for the answers to their questions of 'why' involves possessing the motivation to find these answers. This is where an inquisitive nature comes into play and makes their pursuit of these answers easier for them to sustain.


One of the most basic but yet critical writing skills needed is the ability to put your thoughts into words. Beyond even that your wording and presentation needs to be intelligently conveyed and clearly understood by everybody who reads your work.

Well Rounded

From the standpoint of having many interests a copywriter is better able to gain an understanding of the various people they try to connect with in their writing. Knowing what it is that is popular with people and why is also knowing how to write persuasive copy that addresses these same people. Through your familiarity with all these things comes a greater understanding of them which enables a writer to be more effective.

News Junkies

Keeping up on the latest news and trends help them to keep a 'pulse' on current events and what is popular and is affecting the lives of people. This enables the copy writer to better connect with their readers on a more social and socioeconomic level.

A successful copy writer possesses talents and insight that goes beyond their writing skills that enables them to be effective at their craft. Copy writing involves convincing and/or persuading people to take a desired action with the use of nothing more than the written word. Knowing what to write and how to write it comes from having an insight into what goes on in the readers head. This insight comes from certain characteristics most of these writers possess as reviewed above. Their inquisitive nature concerning both people and trends are tremendous assets that serves them well for plying their particular trade.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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