We all know that lower back pain can certainly be a hectic experience to deal with. And, in fact, it is so common that that around a good number of 31 million American are suffering from minor to major back pain injuries. However, there are certain causes of lower back pain which can vary from time to time.

It has to be seen that a simple and even a wrong movement can certainly cause a strain which may take a certain amount of time to heal within a few days and even weeks. However, if you are experiencing a structural issue with your spine can be the reason for a long-term chronic pain.

So, amid this, the main question remains which is what can be the most common causes for lower back pain? Let’s discuss.

Strains in Muscles and Ligaments

It is possible that you may be experiencing a strain or a sprain while lifting something which may be just too heavy. And this might be affecting or injuring your soft tissues owing to an accident, trauma or it might be a fall as well. A low back strain generally describes that what particularly happens to your muscles when you stretch your muscles too much and which also connects your bones. And if you experience an then there are many health centers which will be helping you in healing. Normally, it has been seen that a sprain or a strain might be usually healing when it comes to healing on their own specifically within a few weeks. However, you can also minimize your pain with at-home therapy methods which include ice and heat therapy along with medication and rest.

Herniated Disk Is Also a Common Cause Generally, it has been seen that a herniated disk which is located in the lower back or the lumbar region can specifically cause remote back pain to you. The discs in the human body sit between the vertebrae of your spine. And when the disc herniates then some of their “jelly” leaks out irritating the nerve root causing pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease It has been seen that your disc starts out with optimal hydration but as you age then they particularly start to lose water content in them and then degenerate. They are unable to sustain impact and also resist force transferring pain to the bones of your spine. It has been seen that the dehydrated discs are specifically vulnerable to herniation and might just collapse as well. It is also one of the lower back pain relief denver

The Spinal stenosis When specifically the spinal canal narrows down then that is called the spinal stenosis. However, it often also occurs that owing to the osteoarthritis which gets thickened owing to the ligaments and injury as well then there are also many other common causes. And specifically, the narrowing of the canal also puts an extra amount of pressure on the nerve roots which are located in the spine.

Osteoarthritis Generally, osteoarthritis is perhaps one of the most common forms of arthritis which are also quite important. However, it also describes the overall slow degradation of the cartilage along with other connective tissues which cushion the joints of your spine.

Spondylolisthesis Normally, a spondylolisthesis is responsible for affecting the lower back as one of the vertebrae in the lumbar spine which forwards hitting the bones directly beneath it.

Conclusion: Normally, the back pain is something which we all go through and it is something which needs to be rendered carefully. Some of the most common causes of the lower back pain can be spondylolisthesis, osteoarthiritis etc.

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