I have written extensively around the need to have clarity of purpose, and if you have read any of my articles, you will know that I am a firm believer in the need for a crystal clear vision, a very strong self-belief, having a deep understanding around why you want to succeed, showing a complete commitment towards lifelong learning and the need for a great work ethic. These are the crucial requirements, if you want to break out of average and become exceptional.

I believe so strongly in these elements and that they are the major components, necessary to unlock super achievement in people, that I have devoted the past five years of my life towards documenting my research and writing a theses, towards completing my PHD. My research has revealed a recipe, which I believe is the best way to unlock our unlimited potential. Over the past five years, I have built a system to teach people how to utilise their gifts to achieve the results they want.

Even my personal vision "To Live, to Love, be Mega happy and to guide and support millions of people to enjoy the same meaning and fulfillment in their own lives, for the greater good of all concerned" is aligned with my belief and commitment to the work I have done over the past five years.

There is incredible value, to be found by everyone, who introduces the five elements into their lives, namely clarity of vision, belief in self, knowing why you want it, commitment to lifelong learning and a great work ethic.

Today I want to focus on one of the five elements, namely the need for personal development and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Becoming requires Action

If you want to invite success into your experience, it is never something you pursue. Anything you pursue will always elude you. Success is an on-going process, which is accomplished daily, by investing as much energy and resources, as possible, into your personal development and growth. As you continue to grow throughout your life, so too does the value of your labour. In short, you are able to accomplish far more valuable activity, in far less time each day, as your knowledge and experience grows and you continue to hone your skills.

Skilful labour and daily activity, which is guided by better knowledge and experience, will always deliver better outcomes. As you grow and become more, so too does your ability to make better decisions and as such, you make far less mistakes. You are also better equipped to identify the right opportunities and are able to get far more from each one, which does come your way. Add to all of this the fact that people will see your growth too and they will be more likely to support you by providing you with better resources in the form of financing, mentoring etc. and you can see the importance of committing to invest as much as you can, into your personal development and growth.

Your Improved Skills, Knowledge and Experience multiply your Labour

Continue to invest into your personal growth, throughout your life and you will begin to see an exponential improvement in the results, you will enjoy. Every action you take will over time start to deliver far better outcomes. You will effectively be multiplying the result of your labour by two, ten, even one hundred or a thousand times.

Your labour, when combined with the right, knowledge, skills and experience, will deliver incredible results to you, in the form of far better relationships, an improved and more satisfying vocation, improved health, improved financial wellbeing and you will get to enjoy the meaning and fulfillment you desire. Can you think of any other investment you could make, which will deliver better returns?

Whatever gets scheduled - gets done.

Unless you are going to build time into your schedule, every day, to invest into your personal growth and development, you will continue to blunder through life and never find the time necessary, to invest into this crucial life changing activity. The best advice I can offer, is for you to try to set aside a minimum of 30 minutes a day to invest into your personal development. This time should be invested into reading or listening to audio books, focused on your personal growth and development.

Use your Commuting time to Learn

Add to this investment, your commitment to utilise your commuting time, to listen to motivational, educational or transformational audio books. When you consistently do this you will begin to see dramatic changes to your life over the next few years. It is estimated that people spend almost 500 hours a year, commuting, that is equivalent to two semesters at university. Imagine if you could utilise that time for growth and development. Time you would have otherwise wasted.

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