Whatever you are earning or capable of earning is related to the value you add to any organization or individual. Stop thinking about how much money you get each month, either from the profits earned in your business or a salary you earn from your job. Shift your mind away from money earned and see the resources that come your way as a Barometer of the value you are bringing to the market place.

The greater the value you are able to add to anyone or in any market, the greater will be the money you will earn or the greater will be value will be that will flow to you. To increase your real and perceived value in the market you must commit to becoming an expert in your field. This is achieved by consistently investing into growing your knowledge and skills base. Turning your knowledge and skills into daily action and engaging in a public relations strategy to reinforce your perceived stature.

Growing your knowledge and skills is an ongoing commitment. It is an investment that will allow you to gain massive returns in the form of greater value that will flow to you. This value will increase exponentially over time and as your knowledge compounds and you become more, so too will your value compound and the resources that will flow to you will also become more.

Ensure that you always project the image of an expert in all your interactions. Your presentations, pitches and writing must depict the reputation you are carefully crafting. Ensure that you offer a consistent message at any networking or socializing event and always aspire to project your image as an expert. This will allow you to carefully position yourself as an expert and over time everyone around you will see the value you offer. As you cultivate and grow your reputation, ensure that you stay committed to growing your knowledge and skill base. This will be one of the most important investments you will ever make.

Start today from where you are and begin the process of becoming and expert. It will take about ten years of committed effort to become a master in your field and the go to expert. This may sound like a really long time and may discourage some people. The reality is that ten years are going to pass any way.

You are going to arrive somewhere ten years from now. That somewhere can be a satisfying fulfilling place where you are living a life as an expert. Or it can be one where you are exactly where you are right now, trapped in mediocrity. The choice is yours. You can keep doing what you are doing and stay comfortable or you can make the shift to daily discipline and make your life very different, ten years from now.

If you choose to do nothing, you will remain trapped in you comfort zone. Calling it your comfort zone is one of the greatest misnomers; it is most certainly not a comfortable place, it is just a familiar place. If you make the familiar choice and do nothing to grow and improve, you will also arrive somewhere ten years from now. The only difference is that you will be ten years older and even more unhappy and disillusioned than you are right now.

Commit to always do your best and be your best and your real and perceived value will increase exponentially over time.

Author's Bio: 

I am a straight shooting, grounded and deeply curious teacher that works with entrepreneurs and business leaders. I guide them to weave their passion, potential and plans into progress, performance, persistence, productivity and profit.

My No. 1 goal when I speak is this: to ignite magic in each person, to connect with them so I can help renew a vision, to help someone find a lost belief or birth a new one, to create a spark or inspire someone to take action so they can achieve what they desire!