Commercial space for sale in Kolkata is a very important part of doing business for those that rent them and those that own them.  This type of building can have one or more different types of businesses, from offices, manufacturing, retail, and more.  This is a building where commercial activities happen.  Below are different types of commercial spaces.


This is where you would find things for sale.  Many times if you want to find commercial shops for sale in Kolkata, this is the type of commercial space you would check out.  Retail can cover a variety of shops such as a flower shop, fabric stores, all the way to bigger department stores.  When you are looking for a shop to run your business, you should look for a commercial space that caters to home businesses to help make sure your business thrives.  Some of these may be in what is referred to as a strip mall and all have storefronts that customers can walk in and out of, such as those quaint shops you see in tourist towns, or it could be a mall. 


Generally, these commercial space for sale in Kolkata are for just one restaurant, which can be a sit-down restaurant or a sandwich shop where you get food to go.  Sometimes the restaurant that is buying this commercial space is a franchise.  Before purchasing this type of commercial space, have it inspected by the health department to make sure that everything is up to code.


This can be just one office or several offices in a building.  It could also be a single story or multiple floors such as a large law firm or advertising firm.  When you buy a commercial space to use for offices, you may decide that you will rent some out to other businesses that just need a small amount of office space. 

Industrial and Warehouse

This can be a manufacturing plant and warehouse combination.  The warehouse is where they would stock their supplies to make whatever parts the manufacturing plant makes and the finished products.  An industrial commercial space could also be an auto repair shop.


These can range from the older roadside motels popular in the 50s’ or 60s to the high-rise hotels of today.  Some hotels will even have commercial shops for sale in Kolkata for locals to sell their items to tourists.  There will also be commercial space for restaurants. 


Hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics, doctors, and dentist offices are all considered commercial healthcare spaces.  They are in business to earn money and serve people, so this is why they are considered commercial spaces. 


These are just some of the many different types of commercial spaces.  One thing to note is that apartments and such are not considered commercial spaces but residential spaces because people actually live there and do not work there and go home.  If you are considering investing in commercial space for your business or to rent out, take time to figure out what would be the best fit for you.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.