Large Commercial *English Garden* Hanging Flower Baskets
City planners, hoa presidents and project planners will see these hanging planters make smart flower baskets for cities or municipalities wanting to redevelop and refine a feeling of community. Durable and big steel hanging baskets may be easily mounted from light poles, awnings or on wall brackets. Additionally, separate buying of optional reservoir hanging basket watering systems could make for low maintenance arrangements which have been both beautiful and to maintain.

Commercial Fiberglass Hanging Baskets for Flowers:
Fiberglass hanging baskets are an all-weather commercial planting solution that saves time and cash. Whereas Coconut Coir lined baskets tend to foster water evaporation, these fiberglass hanging planter baskets protect root balls from wind, thereby improving water retention. Commercial grade fiberglass hanging baskets and liners from appear in a range of sizes to fit any project. There is a durable chain and hook configuration for easy mounting to light posts, awnings or wall brackets. The versatility of fiberglass also allows for easy creation of colored hanging baskets in a number of 20 paint hues. Customize hanging planter baskets in an understated neutral or bold primary color.

Outdoor Artificial Hedge, UV Rated Outdoor Foliage, Outdoor Rated Trees:
Outdoor artificial plants, trees and hedges appear in conjunction with our large outdoor planters to further improve the appearance of expensive hotels, office or public space. Planters unlimited is your one-stop solution for outdoor artificial plants in commercial settings.

Indoor Artificial Plants, Indoor Fake Trees, Artificial Topiaries and Indoor Hedges:
Artificial Plants, Trees, Topiary Trees and Hedges all look nice and inviting without the worry, care or maintenance involved with live plants. Over-watering, under- watering and access to the correct quantity of light is rarely an issue with our incredibly realistic looking artificial trees and plants. Perhaps the tree trunks are really authentic looking.

Fire Retardant Foliage, Flame Retardant Foliage, Fireproof Trees andHedges:
Fire retardant hedges, trees and plants that are sold and/or manufactured by Planters Unlimited are made from resins that are *Inherently Fire Retardant* (IFR), where fire repellent is built into the plant and tree foliage during the manufacturing process. The safest Fire and Flame Retardant artificial foliage and trees have the IFR chemicals impregnated in the resin during the injection molding process. This offers a superior form of fire protection vs. foliage protected by aftermarket sprays. The most fire safe plants are those made using the IFR process and works to ensure your fire retardant foliage and trees will pass state and municipal fire code requirements.

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