Epoxy flooring has evolved as one of the most promising flooring solution in industrial environment. Epoxy is a material formed by mixing raisin to a curator which is also known as hardener in laymen’s language. Epoxy when laid on floor with thickness more than 2 mm then it is known as epoxy flooring. If the thickness is less than 2 mm then it is simply known as epoxy coating.

According to epoxy flooring contractors, people are discovering many benefits of epoxy flooring, hence it is becoming one of the most popular choice of flooring. Some benefits of epoxy flooring in industrial environment have been discussed below.

  1. Rigid and durable! According to epoxy coating contractors in Huntsville, AL, epoxy formed by the mixture of raisin and curator is highly rigid material with excellent binding and mechanical properties. In industrial scenarios where heavy machineries and fork lifts move on the floor, such durable and rigid flooring proves to be an asset. Epoxy flooring are also scratch resistant. So they do not get scratched or get subjected to wear and tear on movement of heavy machinery or heavy human traffic.
  2. Resistant to chemicals! According to epoxy flooring companies, epoxy flooring is a hot selling industrial product because it is resistant to chemicals. In chemical and other industries where various chemicals are used for different purposes, flooring does not get damaged by accidental spillage of chemicals. Commercial and industrial epoxy flooring is gaining popularity mainly due to its resistant property towards harsh chemicals.
  3. Easy maintenance! Epoxy floors are a boon to food industry where maintaining hygiene is a top priority. Commercial epoxy flooring do not need special cleaning or maintenance procedures. They can be easily cleaned by simple sweeping and moping. They also do not need particular cleaning agents to clean them. In a way they are not only easy to maintain, but they are quite economic too in terms of maintenance.
  4. Hygiene!   Another quality epoxy flooring useful in both industrial and residential setup is that they are quite hygienic. Unlike other popular industrial flooring, they do not absorb water or promote growth of bacteria and fungi over them. Since they repel water, they are easy to clean and maintain hygiene.
  5. Aesthetic value! Aesthetic value of epoxy flooring is definitely the cherry on the top. You get epoxy flooring in many colours, designs and patterns. Depending on your industrial set up you can choose the colour and design of the flooring. It will increase the aesthetic value of your facility by many folds.
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