Business relocations are exciting and all, but there are more than a few potholes that you would encounter along the way. You have to move your furniture and appliances to a new location, set it up for working atmosphere, and there will be checklists you need to tick off. These lists can be stressful as well as time-consuming. Properties given to commercial tenants often involve a large sum as a bond, which you need to get back to business. On the other hand, property owners and managers would need something from you too: they need the house premise to be sparkling clean to show it to potential tenants. 

In other words, you have to invest in a bond cleaning service to get your bond back. There are many companies out there that do a tremendous job at vacate cleaning, and you would want to get a quote from them beforehand to ensure that the cost of cleaning is less than the bond to be obtained in the first place. 

Reasons to Opt for End of Lease Cleaning Services

  • Free quote before the work ensues
  • Great customer service
  • Well-equipped professional team of cleaners
  • Flexible hours of work
  • No unexpected charges or hidden conditions
  • Cleaning packages tailored as per your unique needs
  • Tax Invoice after the completion of the work

End of Lease Cleaning Service Will be Beneficial for

Property owners – If you are a property owner looking to rent your space out to a commercial tenant, end of lease cleaning services will ensure that the tenant’s perspective towards the place remains positive. 

Property managers – If you are a property manager who is in charge of caretaking the property for business owners, the vacate-cleaning service you are going to employ would take care so that your time and effort is lessened. Upon asking, they will do a thorough inspection of the place post-cleanup and give you meaningful inputs.

Commercial Tenants – If you are the owner of a company that has taken a property on lease, hiring a vacate-cleaning service will ensure that the place is squeaky clean before you relocate to another site to expand or downsize your business. When you employ an end-of-lease cleaning service in Pascoe Vale, they will take optimum care to clean your property so that you can get your bond back.

Scope of Work

The agencies that offer end of lease cleaning in Pascoe Vale cover these areas in a vacate cleaning package:

  • Rubbish removal including broken furniture and white-goods
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen including appliances, cupboards and fixtures
  • The dusting of walls and corners to remove cobwebs and grime
  • Steam cleaning of carpeted floors
  • Vacuuming and scrubbing of hard floors; mopping where applicable
  • De-liming of tiled areas in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Sanitization of baths and showers
  • Deep cleaning of toilet sinks
  • Rubbing and polishing of mirrors, shower screens and iron fixtures
  • Deep cleaning of all cupboards and wardrobes
  • Thorough washing of windows and sliding doors
  • Replacing light fixtures and fire alarms upon request 
  • Mopping of oil spills from the garage area
  • High-pressure cleaning of the exterior spaces

You needn’t be anxious about your cleaning requirements because the end of lease cleaning experts provide maximum effort to sweep your rented property clean before you vacate out of it. 

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The owner of a company that offers end of lease cleaning services in Pascoe Vale, the author is somewhat of an authority of end of lease cleaning in Pascoe Vale with hundreds of happy customers. Besides running an extensive cleaning service, the author also indulges in blog writing to make the customers aware of the possible adversities of vacate cleaning.