Once you have hired a commercial cleaning Sydney operation to keep your office nice and neat, it is time to lay out which areas are of importance to your particular business. In many cases, the service provider already has a great idea about which specifics needs to be tended to each time they visit your location, but laying out your expectations can help to ensure your satisfaction with their service and better prepare their employees for what your specific needs are. Consider some of these specific areas when mapping out your cleaning plan, and you’ll have an office that is conducive for both your employees and any visitors that drop by unexpectedly.

The Lobby

This is probably the most obvious off all concerned areas when considering the cleanliness of an office. Whether you have a waiting room for clients or simply a small reception area, this is the “landing zone” that is the entry way to your entire operation. Be sure that the carpets are cleaned regularly, table top surfaces are dust-free, and any desks in the area are properly maintained. This is your opportunity to create the first impression that will last long after they have left your office.


Another important element that you should mention to your commercial cleaning Sydney provider is the restrooms. Employees and clients alike may need to use the facilities, and keeping them spotless can go a long way in the professional appearance of your company. Sanitation is the key, and though a cleaning service may drop by on a weekly basis only, remember that emptying the wastebaskets and restocking the paper products is a must!

Break Room

If your office has a break room, be sure to mention it to your commercial cleaning Sydney company. Your employees deserve a clean facility to enjoy their lunch, take a brief break from their desk, or simply enjoy a bit of down time. By keeping your break room clean, you create an inviting area for your team members to store their lunches, heat up any food, or keep drinks cool in the refrigerator. A clean break room leads to happy employees to be sure to make this an area of concern for your cleaning service.

Conference Areas

Conference rooms are often overlooked when outlining which areas should be given a bit of extra care. As you will often be entertaining clients in a conference room, it should be as clean as your lobby. And, since there may be meetings that involve teleconferencing or a large number of employees, keeping the area free of clutter can allow for enough room to spread out documents or set up overhead viewing equipment.

Executive Offices

This is another overlooked area of an office building. Executives are often entertaining other executives, and because the meetings that occur in these areas are imperative to a company’s success, they must be properly maintained at all times. Your commercial cleaning Sydney provider should have this area already notated as a focal point, but if they don’t, simply remind them.

Most commercial cleaning Sydney companies understand the dynamics of properly cleaning an office building. However, this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from offering some quick reminders when laying out your expectations of their organization. The right cleaning service can help your company to deliver a great first impression, entertain clients in an environment and promotes success, and give your employees everything necessary to operate efficiently. Work spaces can get cluttered quickly, so be sure that you use one of these professional services to eliminate dust, remove clutter, and keep everything neat and tidy.

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