For years, Grapplers Inc has been serving too keep our communities, highways, and commercial spaces clean. As a contracting agency offering cleanup services for commercial spaces, we have equipped our staff with the 96” Industrial Grade Grappler, which (as we have observed) helps cut down on a lot of time, and subsequently, the personnel costs incurred. Our staff is also equipped with a Handy Bag Ringer, which they use to carry along a 30-gallon trash bag as an efficient portable solution for collecting the trash they pick up using the Grappler extended reach trash pickup tool. Following a brief feedback session from all our employees, I decided to post this write-up, so to highlight the prime features of the wondrous cleaning tool.

For a start, all Grappler products are made in the USA, and are presumably the most durable and reliable cleaning products in the market today. A strong, rustproof aluminum body with no plastic parts offers maximum durability and renders the product fit for heavy-duty use. The Grappler extended reach trash pickup tool works on a trigger based mechanism, which is very easy to use, doesn’t hurt your fingers on the long run, and delivers enough force to snap shut the picker cups onto the target with 17 pounds of squeezing pressure. Our staffs say the tool works great with even the tiniest of all objects, like cigarette butts, toothpicks, bits and pieces of wrappers etc. A sturdy make also ensures that you don’t drop the things you pickup and works well with heavier objects, like dead rodents, or say… even snakes.

The best part is probably the fact that the Grappler comes with a lifetime guarantee, irrespective of whether they are Standard or Industrial Grade, which could prove really useful in the long run. Use it for a decade and if your equipment takes damage, simply request it to be repaired or replaced completely free of charge! You simply need to pay a minimal amount for shipping; that’s all. Grappler extended reach pickup tools are available in various sizes, ranging from two feet long upto six feet long, so to suit everyone’s requirements.

As mentioned before, we have also equipped our staff with a Handy Bag Ringer each, so they can use it to collect the trash they pickup using the Grappler extended reach tool. This proves effective especially in a sort of way that minimizes labor costs and helps clean up large spaces in a short amount of time. Grapplers Inc also manufactures the Handler, which is essentially a tool that you can use to carry along a 5-gallon bucket for collecting dead leaves and litter as you move along picking up trash using the Grappler.

Grapplers Inc has been manufacturing extended reach tools and trash pickup tools since 1992, and they are pioneering providers of top-of-the-class hunting, fishing, and cleaning solutions. Do pay a quick visit to their website for more information on their products and for their contact details.

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Company Name: Grapplersinc. Tools for your world
Contact number: (775) 284-8990
Toll Free No: (877) 212-5803
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Grapplers Inc. is a truly American success story as it was started from humble beginnings by Jay and Bonnie Thiessans. They have since built a thriving and very successful tool and machine business in Sparks Nevada and won many awards. They have also been recognized nationwide for their achievements. Grapplers Inc. has been making reach extension and commercial grade litter pick up tools since 1992.