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By H. Bernard Wechsler
July 11 2011
Comments on Scott Adams: How to Get a Real Education at College

1. Combine Skills: Be a fairly-well provider of multiple skills and talents.
It is unusual to have one person who can successfully multi-task skills

a) Moderate Art talent b) basic writing (cartoon dialogue) c) ordinary sense of
Humor, d) limited biz world experience. How to make Nothing into Something.
Scott Adams created “Dilbert”, the #1 syndicated cartoon in the world.

See the world from the view of an Entrepreneur’s (Point-of-View)
• Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. No whining.
• Whatever you cannot do, don’t know, or hate doing, find somebody else.
The Secret of lifelong success is influencing people to follow your lead.
Call it getting consensus, rallying the troops or Getting Buy-In. People.
• Give people a Tool that does the hard work for them, and they’ll elect you
President or at least make you rich. Make it Baby-Easy to use because we
give up trying and delete after 20 seconds of effort without success.
• Smiling: force yourself to smile even though you want to cry. Why?
First, your brain does not know the difference between a real, genuine
Smile and a forced phony one. Second, when we smile Endorphins
(chemicals) are released from your brain that make you feel good – they
are called the Pleasure Hormones and last for up to three (3) hours.
Three, “when you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you”, and
people around you feel good. That makes them like you and want to
reward you with their business or help.
• Patience, Persistence, and Determination: you can quit trying after
you cash-in-your-chips, not now.
• “A man who has no schooling may steal from a freight-car;
But if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”
• Don’t hit at all, if it is honorably possibleto avoid hitting, but never hit Soft.”
• Believe you can, and you’re half-way there. Make others believe is the
other half.
• “Far better is it to DARE mighty things, to win glorious triumph,
even through checkered failure…than to rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in a gray-twilight
that know not victory nor defeat.” T.R.

2. Fail Forward: a 90% failure rate occurs in Risk-Taking. Get paid to fail using OPM,
“other-people’s-money” like your boss and the company. Learn something with
each mistake to improve your future. “Failure is a process, not an obstacle.”

Always show gratitude to each human you meet and they will love you.
Learn the law of expectation: if you pay attention and concentrate on what
you (positively) expect, your three soldiers (Inner-Child, Echt-Self-Collective-
Non-Conscious will lead you to it in reality (physically).” Ask us how.

Let someone else share the credit with you for success. There’s a positive payoff.

3. Find the Action: “Distance is your enemy”, Scott Adams. Find a company that
values innovation, creativity, & risk-taking to win promotions and raises. Uh,
action is doing more than what is expected of you. Under-promise and
Over-deliver is for winners in life.

4. Attract Luck: No one manages luck directly, but you can create circumstance
for luck to find you. How? Surround yourself with successful people – your
MasterMind group. Cooperation in growing success produces quicker wins.

Multiple irons in the fire ensure Luck can find you to offer help.

“Whatever you can CONCEIVE (intuition, mental images, and association),
And BELIEVE (attitude, state-of-mind, and emotionally), you can ACHIEVE
(create in reality, with the help of others).” It’s C-B-A, the a-b-c’s backwards.

5. Conquer Fear: fear is an emotion, and cannot be defeated directly, only
replaced (smothered) by COURAGE. Fear can be overcome by know-how
and experience. Get up and speak to a group in spite of your fear, and you
gain an enthusiasm for public talking. Fear is murdered in its bed forever,

Everyone has Fears, Doubts, and Worries. We teach ourselves to act in
spite of stress, angst, and panic. How? Repetition reboots your brain
and installs courage and competency. Age is a positive experience, mostly.

Secret: Close your eyes and relax. It’s called meditation. Your brain automatically
moves into Alpha brainwaves, and you contact your three (3) Subconscious pals.

Your Inner-Child, Echt-Self, and Collective Non-consciousness will help you
conquer fear if you ask them while in Alpha. In plain English, put it in the
form of a question: example -

“Why do I speak so convincingly and feel comfortable in front of groups
of folks?” This is called Presupposition and gets your subconscious to find
answers to improving your performance. It works for everyone. Use it.

6. Write Simply: Everybody tries to prove how smart they are on paper.
You are writing to convince, persuade and influence, not get compliments.
“Keep it simple – smarty.” Make it baby-easy to get your point of view.
Folks will NOT work at deciphering your code, they’ll quit and you lose.

No clauses or run-on sentences. Never use a Ten-Dollar word only you
understand. Write without complexity, and use ten-cent words we all know.

7. Learn Persuasion: everything worthwhile in life requires persuasion to win
it. We are all salespeople who must learn to influence and convince.

The lawyer must convince the client to hire him/her. The lawyer must also
Persuade the judge and/or jury. Lovers persuade their Significant Other.
No one who succeeds, is immune to other people and their opinions

Secret: humans do not make a decision of any consequence without
mentally visualizing first in their Mind’s Eye. Paint a word picture of
the pleasure of doing what you propose. Your neighbors and friends
will die of envy when you drive up in a hot BMW.

Learn the following six trigger influencers to be a killer persuader.
Check out Robert Cialdini’s book, “Influence”.

a) Law of Reciprocity: you owe me, and it makes you feel guilty
so you agree to what I request. Favors must be repaid or we choke.

b) Law of Authority: we respect people in uniform, and who have
letters (M.D, Professor, Ph.D, Dr. of Law) after their name.
Get an endorsement or a degree.

c) Law of Liking: we want to do business with folks who are a lot
like us. We say yes, to people we like or admire faster. Find stuff
in common with them, even if it’s sports.

d) Law of Scarcity: we want what is hard to get. Competition for
something makes us want the Xmas Barbie-Doll even more. If
everyone wants it, then it must be good. Ego rules.

e) Law of Social Proof: Look at the parking lot and the restaurant
is packed means the food and service must be good. We play

f) Law of Consistency and Commitment: when we say we are going
to do something, we feel obligated to finish up. Get someone to
sign a promise to give charity or help support a political candidate,
and their conscience is a power motivator.


You are never too old to learn new tricks. Keep on trucking and you will
avoid dementia including Alzheimer’s. Knowledge is Power, so be a lifelong
learner. If you are not a speed reader, you are missing out. Check out: and judge for yourself.

Copyright © H. Bernard Wechsler 2,011.

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