Earlier till mid 80’s, we either went to a book store or to a library for any information required. This was not only time consuming but also very tedious process. Today with the facility of the World Wide Web and with the advancement of technology information’s lies just a click away from us. We need to keep our self in pace with the changing world. For this we need to be in tune with the latest happenings across the globe. In today’s internet world, this has become easy and manageable with easy reach to numerous websites which provides and updates information and news on daily and even on hourly basis.

The software development services from idea have gained popularity with emphasis on website design services along with the other software development requirements. Presently the web has become overcrowded with numerous websites. The web developers are now forced to think of newer and better methods which will make web surfing experience easier and faster. A typical website is coded in either JAVA script, HTML, or PHP script. While designing a website the web designer keeps in mind that the time to load a web page is crucial. It should not exceed more than three to four seconds. If the site takes longer time to load, the visitor skips to the other website or may click on back button. Minimal use of flash design, easy navigation, and controlled use of colors and maximum readability is the main feature of web designing. Websites should have to be W3C compliant.

The W3C compliance refers to the standards given by a standard committee to decide whether the markup language is correct or not. All major web browsers are W3C complaint. They use these standards while delivering the web pages. If the site is not W3C compliant then the content displayed in one browser will not display the content correctly in other browsers. If the website is W3C compliant then any futuristic browser universally supports the website. One of the best web designing examples is RSS which not only increases the exposure to the websites but also is an effective communication tool between publisher and surfer.

Really Simple Syndication or RSS as it is commonly known is an effective way to syndicate content and greatly used in website design services. RSS is basically web feeds which are used to update latest additions in various information sources like news headlines, articles, blog entries, video, and even audio works in uniform format. RSS helps the readers to get real time updates from their most visited websites. It also helps the readers to accumulate feeds from many websites to one place. The huge advantage to RSS is that a person can thoroughly control the flow of receiving information. If the reader dislikes the content quality of RSS feed then he merely remove the feed from RSS reader to stop the individual updates from that source. Thus the latest use of tools and technologies has made human life simpler and easier.

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