Coming to Terms through Rubenfeld Synergy Method

One of the greatest contributions of psychology has been to help us understand how we replay our hurts and affections with people other than those who have hurt or touched us. There are many names for this, the more well-known being “projection” and “transference”. In essence, we play what has been said or done, or what hasn’t been said or done, over, and over, until we think we come to terms with it.

Our body holds our life story – the trauma that we have experienced from various aspects of our life. It is emotional content that we hold in our bodies; sometimes we hold it in our stomach, our shoulders, or somewhere else that we are not conscious of.

Though Rubenfeld Synergy’s listening touch, it offers you a powerful tool to access and acknowledge those feelings and images that have been hidden in the body for years, creating tension, pain, and distorted perceptions. Repressed tears, anger, grief, and much else may be re-experienced and released during a session, offering freedom for new ways of being. This will be your first step in building a relationship with your body and understanding what your body wants to reveal to you.

We all experience trauma in our lifetime, some people, however face catastrophic experience and until they find a way to listen and understand what is happening in their body, they may continue to live with pain, tension, and stress in their daily lives.

My own experience of having Rubenfeld Synergy session has been life changing for me. For many years, I got up early each morning about 1:30 a.m. and found myself cleaning the kitchen, wiping off countertops, making sure all the dishes were done, and the kitchen was spotless. It was not until I started my personal Rubenfeld Synergy session that I became aware of this pattern. The habit of getting up early each morning at 1:30 a.m. was linked to a tragic childhood that I was subjected to. Through working with my Rubenfeld Synergist, I was able to become aware of the emotional content that I held in my body, to heal and to release the emotional trauma. I am now in a place that I feel lighter in my body, feel safe, and I love who I truly am.

What would that feel like for you to live in your body free of pain, stress, and tension? Do you think it is possible? What are you waiting for? The first step is yours.

Author's Bio: 

Janet Cook, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist (CRS) had been an Air Traffic Control Specialist for a number of years until she discovered that instead of moving aircraft safely across the sky, she wanted to help people to move through difficult emotional times of their lives.
So in 2003, she started the 4-year training program for Rubenfeld Synergy Method.
In the beginning of the road to this path of this work she experiences her first Rubenfeld Synergy experience with her girlfriend, who was an intern in the program. Out of that session, came an emotional release of shock, trauma, sadness, and grief that she had held in her body in her left hip from a horrible automobile accident she had 30 years earlier. To this day, she no longer has pain in her left hip. After that very first session, she knew she needed to do this work and to help others in their journey in healing the trauma that everyone experiences in their lives.

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