We are going to die never even trying to reach our full potential.We all dreamt of life we were supposed to live
but we didnt try. We will not find toughness in our comfort zone. What is comfort zone? Why people want to be in it?

A comfort zone is a place where we feel safe,secure and protected.It can be a negative place.We can feel safe and secure
in a prison but we would surely not want to stay incarcerated forever.

We need to come out of our comfort zone to live a life we dreamt of.We belong to those 95% who live in their confort zone thinking why they don't have enough time,why they don't have enough money but they didn't think that have they ever tried that hard for those things? Have they ever tried to use their full potential?

They use their potential in their daily routine work,their jobs and cribbing why god has not given them this and that which is not at all 100%.
Why we never thought of using our full potential because as per our mind we are using it very well even 101%. We are doing 9-5 job in some MNC,
paying credit card bills etc etc.But this is not our 100% potential. 100 % potential is that what rest of the 5% people use who come out of
their comfort zone and never become dependent on their 9-5 jobs for their bills.We never gonna get anything in our comfort zone.We even never
give a thought to it because we all got stuck in our comfort zone.Come out of it.Push yourself hard to that level where you can reach your
full potential and see what the Universe has got to offer you. We have set boundations in our mind only but the truth is that we can get
anything we want from the Universe. We all have that power to achieve anything in our life.
Dream it and achieve it by using your full potential.Cheers..!!

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Life Coach
Image Consultant
Motivational Speaker