Epididymitis is a prevalent disease affecting the male reproductive system. It occurs when pathogenic bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, and streptococcus, enter the vascular tubes and retrograde to invade the epididymis, resulting in inflammation. This condition is commonly seen when the body's resistance is low.

Epididymitis often develops as a secondary condition to urethritis, prostatitis, or seminal vesiculitis. Typically, patients with epididymitis experience firm swelling and tenderness in the head or tail of the epididymis, with most cases occurring in the tail region. Symptoms may include testicular tenderness, swelling, vascular curvature, firmness, moisture in the scrotum, and thin yellow semen.

Underwear: Beyond Covering the Body

While often viewed as a personal item and a basic necessity, underwear serves a more significant role in men's health. Research indicates that over 90% of men perceive underwear primarily as a means of body coverage. However, it is important to recognize that underwear has a direct impact on men's well-being beyond its traditional function.

Underwear plays a crucial role in providing support, comfort, and maintaining proper hygiene for the male reproductive system. The choice of underwear can significantly influence factors such as airflow, moisture control, temperature regulation, and overall genital health. Therefore, paying attention to the quality, material, and fit of underwear becomes essential in safeguarding men's health and well-being.

There are many types of underwear. How should patients with epididymitis choose the right underwear?

1. U-shape underwear for patients with epididymitis when they are infected

U-shape underwear, also called scrotal underwear, is a style of underwear that has gradually become popular in recent years. In design, the penis and scrotum are put in different underwear parts. From the perspective of medicine, U-shaped underwear is completely in line with the human body's design. Male disease doctors highly recommend it. It is usually used to treat epididymitis, orchitis, varicocele, and sperm inflammation.

U-shape underwear completely meets the perfect combination of modern men's pursuit of fashion and health care, pushing men's health to a new height. Put the penis alone in the U-shape warehouse when wearing it without any sense of oppression. The scrotum is placed in a specially designed-bag to prevent scrotal sagging and blood stagnation. At the same time, let the scrotum leave the inside of the thigh, avoid friction, increase ventilation and breathable performance, and improve patients' clinical symptoms.

2. Briefs for patients with epididymitis when they exercise

Briefs are a prevalent type of underwear. It is characterized by a pour-shaped line in the front, which can better support the lower body. There is no restraint for the thighs. Triangle is the most stable structure, so triangular underwear is relatively compact and provides more support, so it is suitable for exercise. Whether it is running or jumping, wearing thick or thin pants, its corners will not roll on and will not bring discomfort during exercise.

3. Boxer briefs for patients with epididymitis when they work

Compared to briefs, boxer briefs are more casual. They are loose, with no restraint, and can cover the entire private area, leaving a certain space for activity. The flexible internal environment makes self-regulation of the scrotum easier and accessible in a natural state. The scrotum is very sensitive to the high and low temperatures of the outside world. It is rich in sweat glands but without subcutaneous fat. Wearing this underwear helps heat dissipation, making men comfortable and healthy when sitting for a long time.

4. Flat-angle underwear for patients with epididymitis when they rest at home

Moderate-length and flat-angle underwear is an intermediate product in the shape of briefs and boxer briefs. Its design meets the needs of many men who want to wear trousers but prefer to wear loose pants. Flat-angle underwear is often knitted and designed in the front section. The two pants will not have a flexible band, so the blood flow at the thigh will not be limited.

At the same time, it can provide a lot of support and covering effects to achieve more fit. Thus, it is even better in comfort. Loose flat-angle underwear is the first choice when leisurely at home, allowing the sex organs to be pressed in the pants on weekdays freely.

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