Inspired by having coffee at the beach with my beloved’s sister today I felt urged to share my thoughts on where I feel “we are at” in life, the Universe, the here and now, or whatever you choose to call it, in terms of our relationships. This mini blog is an instigator and prodder of inner and outer movement. Don’t continue to read if you are feeling sensitive!

Let me start by asking a few questions about your relationship right now.

Feel the answers that come and don’t rationalise them away because that’s all blah blah! Let your intuition (gut) guide your immediate answer.

1)Does your relationship feel good to you?
2)Are you free to be you?
3)Is there more fear based and reactive behaviour than love?
4)Is there more criticism than appreciation?
5)Is your relationship vibrant, alive, colourful?
6)Does your partner control the relationship with not talking about stuff that has meaning?
7)Are you a grower and mover and is your partner pulling at your balloon’s guy ropes?
8)Are you with the right person?

If your guidance system is screaming right now because you know a different way is calling, then I’d like to ask you a few more questions. Again feel the answers, because they are your TRUTH. There is no escaping anymore no matter how much more you try to kid yourself!

1)Are you committed to your growth, spiritually or otherwise?
2)Have you been self developing with a passion for a short or very long time and are breaking away from the old life (corporate or other long standing job) into a new life?
3)Do you have a sense of great inner excitement that is sometimes overpowering about the future and yet you have no idea what it really looks like?
4)Do you find that being around certain people in your life is showing you where you would rather be and not be?
5)Are you being guided by what feels good to do some or most of the time and are you giving up the “trying” to achieve or succeed?

Ok, so you are a FLYER if you have answered “YES!” to the last 5 questions. It can and will create mini or maxi forms of havoc in your life if you are denying yourself in any way.

“Havoc” is a navigation aide designed by the Universe to push and prod you towards, love, joy and bliss and towards what you do want, away from what you don’t want....simples!

How much and to what degree are you denying your calling?

It’s time to fly my dear flyers and stop allowing your relationships to hold you back. I see friends experiencing so many opportunities open up when they say “YES!” to life and love when they let go of stale relationships.

We are here to experience, expand, create and be and our intimate relationships, if they are conscious, will want that for us too, without question. Unconditional love is imbued with all of these qualities. Anything that falls short of this is going to feel off, make you feel stunted and held back if you are a flyer.

But how can we flyer together?

As Bette Midler sings, we must be the wind beneath our partner’s wings, but if it’s not happening, I offer these morsels of advice.

1)Don’t wait for tomorrow to fly, even for one more minute. The time is NOW!
2)Discern if your relationship needs to shift.
3)If it does, invite a conversation with your beloved about what you feel as a flyer and where you’d like to be in the future together. See what comes back.
4)If you both decide you need some help to develop a conscious relationship which is fit and secure for the future, then give me a buzz. I am absolutely ready to help you both live your birthright in a healthy, happy, free and authentic relationship.
5)If after your chat your honey feels they would rather be where they are, please allow them the space to be there and know that is their business. Unconditional love comes in the allowing of their “otherness.” Too many times we think that they need to change and we try in vain to make them.
6)If they don’t want to fly with you then you have choices to cut loose the ropes that tie you. I am here to help you with that place and space. We all fear reacting to whatever comes in the moment, so if you need some grounded advice laced with honesty and safety to express your hearts desires, either together or alone, then call me. We’ll find a way to clarity together so you can both feel sure of the best outcome.
7)Sometimes you can’t fly together because it’s time for you to fly with someone more matched to you in these changing times. Not letting go is like flogging a dead relational horse.

You may feel compelled to write the answers to the above questions or simply feel what is true for you.

Whatever you do, don’t waste your own time making excuses for your relationship if it is anything other than diamonds. Don’t paper over well worn cracks to present an image of what it should be. When it isn’t right, it just isn’t.

I live in a conscious relationship with Joel every day and every day he and it changes, surprises and excites me with how much richness we have. This is my happily ever after and I simply want that for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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